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Understanding and Working With Millennial Dental Team Members

While most millennials get a bad name thanks to social media and stereotypes, you need to be prepared to work with them in any dental setting. Once you get to really know them and look past what you have heard, you will learn that millennials are ready to work hard and do what they can to help others.

The Importance of Understanding Generational Gaps

Before looking at the values of your typical millennial dentist in the gig economy, we need to understand why it is important to recognize generational gaps. Every generation thinks differently and has different goals in the workplace, so understanding what these are for younger colleagues is essential to a strong work relationship.

When you take the time to get to know people from other generations, you will be pleasantly surprised by how similar we all are.

What to Know About Millennial Dentistry Values

Strong Desire For Flexibility

The increase in popularity of the gig economy model has shown millennials that you can work part-time and do temp work instead of committing to one practice for life. This is a strongly desired value for younger workers and you need to understand that they may not want to get locked down in one place for too long.

Always Looking to Advance

One of the best things about millennial dental workers is they are driven. Fresh out of school and ready to work, millennial workers are always looking to do whatever it takes to become the best. This means you will have more options when hiring to get new workers who are ready to work hard so they can advance at work.

May Not Stay Around For Long

Like we mentioned earlier, millennials are not likely to want to stay in one place for very long. This generation of workers wants to find their higher purpose through different experiences and trying out various forms of work. This means the rise of temporary and part-time dentistry work is going to be easy to find for most practices.

Digitally Inclined

The millennials were the first generation to really grow up with technology and it really shows. They are mostly very tech-savvy and will be able to solve many problems online. These skills and their knowledge of the online space can help them solve problems that would previously have been impossible to deal with.

Result Driven

When it comes down to it, millennials want to succeed and thrive at everything they do. They are the same as every other generation who just wants to put in the work so the results can really shine. This new wave of dentists, especially freelance dentists, can teach us all something about how we look at our work.


While these values represent millennials in a general sense, you really need to get to know each and every young dentist to see what makes them tick and work hard in their roles. Fill out our form or download our app to join Stynt to expand your freelance career!


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