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How to Attract the Best Talent in the Dental Industry

While the need for dental professionals is growing, the professionals looking for work are becoming increasingly picky in their selection. The same is true in the whole workforce. People used to find a job and stick with the company for 20-30 years. That’s not the case anymore. In the dental industry, professionals want to find a place where they are valued and respected.

What’s more, the workforce is looking towards the gig economy as the new style of work. That means professionals are turning to freelance work to suit their needs. It provides them with flexibility, freedom, and choice. If they find a job they don’t like, they can easily leave and find a new one.

In such a competitive market, how can you attract the best talent?

Place Importance on Growth

Every human wants growth in their life. The same is true of dental assistants, hygienists, and all dental professionals’. They want to join a company where they feel supported in their work.

By providing further training, workshops, and even new opportunities, employees will feel as though they're growing in your practice. This will lead to them feeling cherished and cared about, all of which is crucial to obtaining the best staff.

When your employees are happy, word travels quickly. Your dental practice will build a reputation as one where professionals know they have an opportunity to grow.

Cultivate a Positive Workplace

To attract the best talent, your dental practice must have the right attitude and environment. You want your employees to be happy when they come into work. You want your dentists and dental assistants to develop good relationships with themselves.

Consider providing team-building practices, outside get-togethers, or other events to cultivate positive relationships between your employees. Doing so will improve the environment. And only then will you be able to attract the top talent.

Support Collaborations

Through collaborative work, professionals feel more connected to each other. Consider having new employees shadow the experienced. As a team, go over tricky cases where everyone can learn and grow. With this sort of environment, employees will feel as though they’re in an environment where they can be open with each other.

Dental professionals will be able to speak freely with one another, receive help, and openly give advice.

Incentivize Work

Another great way to attract the top talent, whether freelance work or not, is to incentive work. When a team member does something good, make it known to the rest of the team. Praise your employees for a job well done, especially when it was a challenging case.

This sort of environment is extremely attractive to new employees. It shows potential employees you care about the success of your staff, and you’re willing to recognize good work when you see it.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best talent can be difficult when everyone is going to freelance work. When you want to hire a top dental professional, you must have the right environment to attract that talent. By following the above tips, your practice can become one that is sought out by all the leading dentists, dental hygienists, and all! Furthermore, you can join Stynt to find the best talent near you.


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