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Things to Keep in Mind When Looking to Hire the Perfect Dental Assistant

The role of a dental assistant is one that changes every day and can look different across practices. What doesn’t change is the fact that the right dental assistant can make your job as a dentist much easier.

To help you find a dental assistant who is ready to work hard and help your practice, here are some things to keep in mind during the search process as you look for employees or freelancers.

Know Who You’re Looking for

When looking to hire a dental assistant, you need to picture what they will look like in your practice. Knowing if you need someone with certain experience or certifications allows you to narrow down the search pool to only those candidates.

Knowing who you are looking for helps you early on as you can eliminate choices that don’t really fit into the role you are looking to create. While some candidates may be great at their roles, that role isn’t what you need at your practice.

Are you looking for employees or freelancers? Do you understand the benefits of hiring freelancers compared to employees?

Consider What They Need to Do

Just like you need to envision what your assistant will look like in their role, you need to consider what you will need them to do. A dental assistant who is just organizing equipment and escorting patients is going to look a lot different than an assistant who needs special qualifications for working with patients directly.

Having a list of must-have qualifications and certifications will help you pick candidates who can take care of the roles you need them to.

Know Where to Look

Knowing what to look for makes up a portion of the search process, but knowing where to look offers a whole other concern. Many practices only search in their local areas where they are not likely to find many competitive candidates.

The current gig economy model we see in dentistry allows you to search for more specific candidates who are often further away. Use services like Stynt to track down the perfect candidates with ease.

Have a Plan For Interviewing

The interviewing process is something many people often dread, so make sure you have a plan here. There is a wide array of modern solutions that allow you to hire people more efficiently and help you get the right dental assistants to you when it comes time for an interview. Interview the applicants you feel strongest about and see who best meets your needs.

Hire With Patience

The last consideration to keep in mind is that hiring in any position takes time. When you are looking for a role as specialized as a dental assistant, hiring can take even longer. You need to be patient with your search and realize that applicants won’t just be lining up at the door the next day

Each of these considerations helps you to think about who you are really looking for so you can save valuable time and money for your search. Fill out our form or download our app to join Stynt!


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