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How to Be a Team Player in Your Dental Office

The front desk team at any dental establishment is a crucial part of the overall effectiveness. They handle all of the scheduling and planning, allowing the hygienists and assistants to do their jobs more easily and on a well-planned course. Without them, things would be much more difficult and confusing. Let’s discuss how we can be better team players and support our critical front desk staff as dental hygienists and assistants.

“How Can I Help?”

Sometimes, we have a rare bit of free time in our schedules. Be it a single-window from a patient no-call, no-showing, or a group of openings due to cancellations, that little bit of time to slow down is much needed. If you think about it, though, the front desk never gets that. They are always firing on all cylinders to get the filing, calls, and other necessary tasks done. If you have a break, sometimes offering to help can do a lot of good and help to take a load off your front desk team while building relations with them, which can make your job easier if you need something done.

They will typically ask you to file something or fill out patient forms. Sometimes, though, they will ask you to call patients on the recall list and figure out what care they need or inquiries they have. This can be tedious and not very fun since sometimes they have complaints or issues, but it helps your team a lot. Being a team player means sometimes making sacrifices and if you are the hygienist or assistant, they are your patients, after all.

Give Them A Break

Sometimes, giving your staff a little bit of leeway is a good way to build ties. Their job is not an easy one nor is it any less important than yours. While some dental hygienists can be perfectionists and expect the world and more out of other employees, you must sometimes cut them some slack and let things go. Constantly cracking down on the front desk team and never giving affirmations can really damage morale. When spirits are high and people feel appreciated, things get done.

Hire Extra Hands

Hiring freelance dental professionals as extra hands in the front desk area is a great way to navigate busy seasons. These people have expertise in the dental industry, making them great candidates for employees to call patients and give information or answer questions. They also can be shuffled around to help in the back with patients directly, too, opening up more space in general within the practice.

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