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How Technology Will Help You Land a Great Job

Over the last several years, with the growth and improvements in technology, companies have begun revamping their hiring processes. Many have been implementing changes that result in new ways to recruit candidates, as well as new ways to reach people that may be interested in the position. Many companies have stopped reading CVs altogether and have updated the way they advertise open positions.

As someone that is seeking employment in today’s market, understanding the technology employers utilize to recruit applicants is critical.

Becoming familiar with these methods puts you in a great position to sail past the technological hurdles standing between you and your dream career in the dental industry.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Job Searching

Technology is constantly evolving and being redeveloped, which you may have noticed during your job search. One of the many automation techniques that have been implemented by countless companies is automatically generated emails.

A couple of examples of this would be a newsletter that is sent out to a mailing list or personalized emails to people seeking employment with advertisements for jobs that are within their skill set. The emails are created by computers that have memorized each user’s preferences, ensuring they receive a list that is customized and relevant.

One of the features that job boards and job-matching platforms typically have in common is the ability to set up notifications. This is helpful because you get an email or text message telling you that there are local jobs available that meet your preferred criteria. This machine learning is a great way to help professionals find employment in their field.

What Does the Future Have in Store for Dental Staffing?

With the progression of AI, staffing has certainly lagged, at least until very recently. Technology is ever-evolving so there are always new things in development to transform the industry.

While computers can’t replace real people, they can certainly help make the job of a recruiter easier, as they can sift through the candidates, chat with them, and even find new candidates for the position.

Optimization of Profiles and Resumes for Visibility

One of the potential downsides to the new age of technology is that it can be hard to beat the algorithms. This is, more or less, a way to scan the information in your resume for keywords and words that are similar so that the employers are only left with the most relevant applicants. Be sure to review the job requirements before submitting your resume so you can include relevant words.

For example, some jobs require an associate’s degree. Chances are that if you include the phrase “associate’s degree”, your application will make it to the hiring party’s screen.

Wrapping Up

When you hear the term “artificial intelligence,” you may instantly think of far-off futuristic technology, but that isn’t exactly the case. AI is already used in the recruiting and hiring process for many companies.

While AI is still in the beginning stages as far as the dental staffing industry goes, there are many great smart search tools in place to help both employees and applicants, Stynt being one of them.

Stynt is designed to help freelancers locate jobs to fill their schedules, allowing them to remain employed despite the changing world around us. If you are interested in trying freelancing, fill out the form on the Stynt site, or sign up through the app for more information and access to freelance dentistry jobs.


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