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Thinking Like a Dental Assistant To Succeed in Dentistry

Dental assistants are the unspoken heroes of dentistry as they work behind the scenes to help patients and dentists alike feel comfortable. Becoming a dental assistant is often more about who you are as a person and less about the hard skills you possess on a resume. As we look at what makes a dental assistant tick, you will see if there are characteristics you embody that mean you should give the job a shot.

Some Key Characteristics of Dental Assistants

Love Working With People

A dental assistant's role is often to facilitate relationships with patients before they meet their dental hygienist. This means you are the first person they are likely to interact with before having to get work done. Dental assistants have a special way of interacting with people that gives them a sense of relaxation and calmness before working with their dentist.

Always Being Flexible

Flexibility is something dental assistants are very familiar with as their roles can look different every day. One day a dental assistant may be helping to provide a hygienist with tools and lighting for a procedure and the next day they could be working in pediatrics to teach a young child how to floss. Dental assistants are always being asked to do various tasks and should be eager to try new things.

Improving Your Craft

Dental assistants are always looking to get better at what they do so they can help more people. Getting new certifications to help new people and picking up new skills at the practice allows assistants to fulfil more exciting roles going forward.

Recognizing a Promising Future

The beginning of a dental assistant career may not be the most glamorous, but it has plenty of potential to grow and look very different. Dental hygienists who commit to working hard and excel at their job see positions open up left and right going forward.

Prepared for Some Unpleasant Work

In similar ways to the job of a nurse, the dental assistant may have to deal with some unpleasant work here and there. If you are prepared to do the ugly work, you will enjoy the interactions you have later on even more.


With the right attitude and mindset, you can take your freelance dental assistant career to the next level. All it takes is time and hard work to really go far in the industry. Fill out our form or download our app to join Stynt and get started today!


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