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The Importance of Dental Assistants and Hygienists

The dentist is indeed the one who handles the patient’s most needed care. But there is no way that the dental practice could function without a dental assistant or dental hygienist.

In fact, these individuals are some of the most important people in the office. While both roles involve patient care, they are vastly different from one another.

To see just how important both of these roles are, let’s explore exactly what it is that dental assistants and dental hygienists do.

The Dental Assistant

Often the most hectic position in a dental practice, the dental assistant fulfills a variety of tasks and responsibilities each and every day. Aside from assisting the patient with their needs throughout their care, the dental assistant also supports the dentist whenever needed.

Many assistants will help with fillings, crowns, extractions, and more. In some states, the dental assistant is even responsible for handling X-rays.

But perhaps the most important part of being a dental assistant is the care they provide to the patient. To be a dental assistant, you need excellent people skills to keep your patients relaxed and happy with their visit.

Some patients are understandably very shaken during their appointment. It is the job of the dental assistant to help calm the patient and walk them through every step of their treatment. As you can imagine, it takes a very special person to be able to work with the unique variety of patients whom they see every day.

The Dental Hygienist

It isn’t uncommon for the responsibilities of dental assistants and dental hygienists to blur together. But by and large, the dental hygienist is more involved with dental care.

This includes the hygienist cleaning patients’ teeth, taking X-rays, applying dental sealants, and even making their own diagnosis.

Typically, the dental hygienist sees the more complex parts of patient care, although that is subjective depending on your perspective.

The dental hygienist will also provide the patient with important dental education to ensure that they are maintaining proper oral health and hygiene at home. And because patients aren’t always honest with the dental hygienist, the hygienist needs to be sufficiently educated as well to be able to see things that need to be addressed.

Aside from patient care, the dental hygienist will need to access patient files from time to time. This includes looking over their history, reviewing records, and more.

If you are either a dental hygienist or dental assistant, you are likely well aware of your value at the dental practice you work. Unfortunately, you might not always be paid what you are worth.

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