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How To Become the Best Possible Dental Assistant

The role of a dental assistant often looks different every day they work. To become the best dental assistant possible, you need to equip yourself with the right mindset and skills to get the job done. We have found five ways that you can be the best you possibly can be.

Understand Your Role

The first part of being the best in any position is understanding your role. The dental hygienist knows what their role involves and the dental assistant must be the same, If you are not sure what your role really is, communicate with your boss to gather a better understanding of what is expected of you.

Understanding your role allows you to embrace your responsibilities and improve where necessary.

Always Be Learning

To get better at your job, you need to be learning how to do it better at all times. For a dental assistant, this often means getting more experience or taking courses to gain certifications. The new certifications won’t just look good on the wall, but they’ll open up more opportunities for you to try new things and become better at your craft.

Those who make it in the industry are the ones who commit to a lifetime of learning and never stop getting better at what they do.

Improve Interpersonal Skills

The job of the dental assistant is focused on people, so improving interpersonal skills is a must. Nobody wants to show up to a dental practice only to be greeted by a grumpy and unpleasant assistant who clearly doesn’t want to be there. Learn how to ask meaningful questions and try to maintain a positive attitude when working with patients.

As your interpersonal skills get better, you will start to notice patients are more responsive and the overall energy in the office will be much better.

Understand The Value Of Teamwork

The power of teamwork is crucial to those looking to work as a dental assistant. It is your job to work with and help others do their jobs. The best dental assistants are team players and know how to interact with others effectively. Working on your team skills help you deal with a wide array of work situations.

Keep Looking For Advancement Opportunities

One of the most exciting things about being a dental assistant is the opportunity for growth. However, it is the dental assistants who put in the time and effort to succeed that advance in their careers.

Be eager for any work and you will be rewarded in the future.


The work of a dental assistant is diverse and impactful no matter where they work. To be the best possible dental assistant, you need to be the best possible version of yourself. Stynt connects prospective hiring managers with local freelancers. Fill out our form or download our app to join Stynt!


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