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Finding Flexible Careers in the Dental Industry

As self-employment is becoming increasingly popular among Americans, dental hygienists are finding themselves at a crossroads. More dental practices across the country are hiring freelancers to handle their workload. So are you better off sticking with your full-time practice, or heading for the greener pastures of freelancing?

Flexibility Within Reach

You may feel like you simply can’t have a flexible life as a dental hygienist. In the past, this would have been true. But thanks to the perks of modern technology, having a career that allows for greater versatility is more than doable.

Now you can more easily pursue the type of career that fits your wants and needs. At some point in your life, you may have found work through temp agencies or taken on a couple of part-time gigs to make ends meet. Many of you may be in these very same situations right now.

Benefits of the Digital Age

If you are currently working as a dental hygienist through a temp agency, this is often a double-edged sword. Sure, it’s great to have the opportunity to ply your craft and gain experience. But this can also make communication and scheduling a cumbersome process.

This is where the wonders of tech come into play. With platforms like Stynt, you input the days and times you are available and are instantly matched with shifts that fit your needs. This is a much easier process than having a middle-man, like an agency, for scheduling.

Maximizing Your Freedom

If we’re being honest, the biggest reason for choosing freelance work is so that we can have more control. There’s certainly nothing inherently wrong with that, so it’s important that you find ways to leverage your freedom.

Working for a temp agency is definitely not the best route for those seeking greater control over their lives. Additionally, neither is working directly for a dental practice. In both scenarios, you are at the mercy of someone else dictating your schedule and pay.

But as a freelancer, you set your hours and the pay that you’re willing to accept. The gig platform then provides you with positions that match your needs the best. This gives you much more freedom.

As you can see, there are many benefits to working for yourself. If this type of flexibility sounds appealing to you, fill out our form, or download our app to join Stynt!


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