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Why Your Dental Assistant Is the Best

Ask any dentist about the importance of a dental assistant and they are all likely to agree that they’d be lost without them. Dental assistants are often the lifeblood of a dental office, providing help and care where it’s needed the most.

But what is it exactly that makes dental assistants so invaluable? To answer this question, we spoke with several dentists and their staff. If you’re a dental assistant yourself, you already know the answer to this question.

If you’re considering training to become a dental assistant, the answers will give you the confidence you need to pursue your dream.

The Key to Productivity

One of the most important parts of being a dental assistant is their contributions to productivity. Every day, dental assistants perform a variety of tasks and services that keep the dental office running smoothly.

The dentist and dental hygienist have their own things to focus on and worry about. With a dental assistant leading the charge, the office tends to run much more efficiently.

Helping With Patient Care

Not just anybody can provide care to patients. It takes a person with a warm heart and exceptional people skills.

The dental assistant is often with each patient every step of the way throughout the course of their treatment. Whether guiding them through their next procedure or consoling them in their care, this is tantamount to every dental practice.

This plays a big part in keeping the patient relaxed and pleased with their dental care. A happy patient is much easier to work with compared to a patient who is irritable and hard to get along with.

Keeping Patients Coming Back

The other side of the coin when it comes to patient care is that they will be much more likely to return. And since the dental assistant is responsible for keeping patients happy and satisfied, they play a big role in keeping patients coming back.

If the patient is pleased with their visit and fond of the person who walks them through their appointment, you can often expect them to keep returning to your dental practice.

Moreover, the patient is likely to refer friends and family to your outstanding service. As a result, you can look forward to more traffic, better brand recognition, and increased revenue!

Preventing Infections

Perhaps most importantly, dental assistants help to ensure that both the patients and the dentist are sterile and safe from infections. This is because the dental assistant is constantly cleaning and sterilizing the work area to ensure that there are no germs.

And if a patient knows that they can trust their dental practice to be safe, that patient will be more likely to continue their dental care there and tell their loved ones to come and see you.

A great way to be sure that you are staffing your practice with the best dental assistant is to join Stynt. Simply fill out our form or download our app to find qualified professionals in your area!


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