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Why Mentorship Is More Valuable Than You Think

If you are a dentist, there are plenty of freelance dental hygienists and assistants that will come through your practice at some point in their career. Some will come and go while others will stay. Regardless, your role as a dentist is more than just being an employer.

What you may not realize is that you may serve as a mentor. There are plenty of dental professionals planning on furthering their dental careers. And they may need that one mentor to help guide them along and provide them with advice. We’ll explain in detail why mentorship is more valuable than you think.

Even in today’s gig economy, it is more possible than ever for dental professionals to continue a fulfilling career. And they will give credit to those who helped them along the way. Will you be that person?

Let’s talk about why dentists like yourself should immerse yourself more into a mentorship role:

You Can Make Them Into Better Professionals

Dental assistants and hygienists are your extra eyes and ears while you tend to a patient. They will help you become a better dentist. You, on the other hand, will likely return the favor in making them better professionals.

They may have those strengths that benefit the practice, but they also have weaknesses that they want to work on. Don’t be afraid to walk through them so they can improve with confidence. The more confident they are in their jobs, the better they will trust you with your advice.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

To better understand the mentorship role and how to perfect it, you should look at it from the other angle (in other words their perspective). That should be easy enough since you yourself had a mentor while becoming a dentist. You’ll understand the exact line of questioning an aspiring dental professional is asking:

  • How can I choose a mentor?

  • What is it about them that I like? What don’t I like?

  • What kind of relationship do I see coming from this mentor?

There are plenty of questions to ask. People who are in search of a mentor will have their eyes on you. They will watch your every move, listen to every word, and determine whether or not your expertise may be enough for them to say “I want to learn everything from you”.

Final Thoughts

If you are a dentist, your role should go beyond basic dentistry and make an impact on your patients. You can make an impact on the dental professionals who work for you, whether it’s temporarily or for the long-term. The truth is, there are a lot of aspiring dental professionals who want to make a career out of dentistry but don’t have the direction.

Will you be a mentor that your dental assistants or hygienists remember? Find the right talent now by using Stynt. You can fill out the form or download and use the app for your mobile device.


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