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What is a Transition Expert and Why Are They Valuable to Your Practice

Improvements to your dental practice are always occurring. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you connect yourself with the right kind of people to make sure it still stays afloat for years or decades to come. While it’s staffed with freelance dental assistants and hygienists, there is also one other person you’ll want to maintain a strong connection with.

That person is a transition expert. This is the person you consult with for the long term for one singular reason: At some point, you’re going to hang up the white coat and call it a career.

When that happens, transition experts will be more than happy to help make the transition from one dentist to another go smoothly. One practice could be owned by one dentist (or it could be a co-op). We’ll explain what a transition expert is and how they will be beneficial for you in the long term.

Let’s get right to it:

What Is a Transition Expert?

A transition expert is someone who oversees the transition of one tenure of ownership to the next in a dental practice. Most of the young dentists starting out with their careers might be more apt to get to know these people over time.

Yes, you will encounter and partner up with many transition experts over time and not just one who will stick with you throughout your career.

You might not need them at all until you are planning on retiring within a specific time period. To keep it on the safe side, let’s say you are planning to call it a career in five years. The sooner you meet up with a transition expert, the better off things will be when the time finally comes.

At the same time, a transition expert does something else. They often help young dentists get a feel of how a dental practice should work. Sure, the focus is on dentistry and patients.

Yet, it’s the administrative tasks and the like that can’t be ignored. Obviously, you’ll be hiring the right kind of people to ensure that the office end of things is delegated to the people who possess the right kind of skills. If you are starting your own practice or taking one over, a transition expert will be your best friend in this situation.

They will bring you up to speed with how the practice operates in terms of billing, appointments, and everything in between. Don’t be intimidated by all the moving parts that make a practice work like a well-oiled machine.

Final Thoughts

A transition expert is someone you should absolutely work with throughout your career. Whether it’s at the start of it or in the last five to ten years of it, they will be there armed with knowledge and know-how to ensure that a transition from one dentist to the next is a smooth one.

If you are looking for dental professionals that could fit in quite nicely, then now is the time to begin your search. Start by checking out the Stynt Network right now. All you have to do is fill out the form or download the app below.


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