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What Are the Hardest Parts of Being a Dental Hygienist?

Dental hygiene is a challenging and rewarding career field. It can be difficult to know what to expect from a career in dental hygiene, especially if you are new to the profession. In this blog post, we will discuss the hardest parts of being a dental hygienist. We will also provide tips on how to deal with these challenges.

The Job Is More Physical Than You May Expect

Being a dental hygienist isn’t all teeth and flossing. The job is more physical than you may expect. From moving dental equipment around to bending over patients, there’s a lot of standing and lifting involved. And if you think dental hygienists just sit around all day, think again.

They have to be on their feet for long periods of time, sometimes for hours every day. That’s why a good pair of shoes is essential for the job. Also, dental hygienists often find themselves in pretty awkward physical positions when working with patients which can lead to back and neck pain. Sitting on uncomfortable stools doesn't help.

You Will See (And Smell) Some Not-So-Pretty Things

No one likes to think about the icky stuff that can happen in our mouths. But as a dental hygienist, you will see some not-so-pretty things on a daily basis. From gingivitis to cavities, you will see it all. And sometimes, you will see things that are much worse.

You will also have to deal with the smells that come along with these conditions. Let’s just say, it’s not always pleasant. Thankfully, most people will get used to it all after a while.

It’s Not Always Easy to Build Rapport With Patients

Another challenge that dental hygienists face is building rapport with patients. It’s not always easy to build rapport with patients, especially if they are in pain or anxious about dental procedures.

Dental hygienists have to be patient and understanding when working with patients. They also have to be able to build trust quickly so that patients will feel comfortable during dental procedures.

It Can Be Emotionally Draining

Dental hygienists see patients in all stages of life, from young children to elderly adults. This means that they see patients who are healthy and those who are sick. Dental hygienists also see patients who have lost their teeth due to decay or gum disease.

This can be emotionally draining for dental hygienists to witness. They have to be able to deal with the emotional stress of the job while still providing excellent care to their patients.

The Career Doesn't Change Much Over Time

One of the challenges of being a dental hygienist is that the career doesn't change much over time. There are always new technologies and methods being developed, but the basic duties of a dental hygienist don't really change. This can lead to boredom for some people who are looking for more variety in their career.

Time Management Can Be Quite Difficult

Another challenge for dental hygienists is time management. Dental hygienists have to be able to manage their time well in order to see all of their patients in a day. They also have to be able to stay on schedule so that they can keep the office running smoothly.

This can be quite difficult, especially if there are emergencies or patients who take longer than expected. In addition, dental hygienists are often timed when they are cleaning teeth. This can lead to added stress if they are not able to finish in the allotted time.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the challenges that dental hygienists face. The profession is challenging, but it is also rewarding. If you are considering a career in dental hygiene, be prepared for these challenges. With the right attitude and support, you can overcome anything.

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