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Tips for Running an Efficient Dental Practice

Managing your dental practice is much different than running any other kind of business. The way you run your office also has an impact on your patients. Do it well and they will recommend you to others. On the other hand, they will stop coming to your office if they receive poor oral care or have a bad experience.

This can make it difficult to manage your dental practice. There are tons of small factors to keep in mind, every single day. If you want to see returning patients, be sure to keep your reputation clean and listen to our advice.

Add More Team Members

Expanding your dental team can help keep up patient retention. This is because they can find all of the treatment processes in your practice, meaning they do not have to go elsewhere.

Do your best not to refer patients to other practices, instead, hire a diverse team of specialists that have a lot of different skills to offer. That way, the chances of you needing to refer a patient out are slim. Plus, you can always hire freelance dentists or keep the specialists around during the times that you need them. Stynt provides the perfect platform to add more freelancers to your dental team. Sign up here to get access to tons of potential hires.

Also, having more professionals available will benefit your current dental team. Burnout is a serious problem in any dental practice, so being able to give employees some time off does wonders for their mental health and motivation.

Be Sure to Invest in Your Team

Help your dental team by keeping everyone up to date by investing in their skills. Learning new methods and how to use equipment keeps your team strong and reliable.

Not investing in your employees’ skills will not save you any money. Instead, think of it as a way to improve your patient’s experience and the overall business. The more your staff can do and are familiar with, the better oral care that they can give your patients.

Update Your Software

Your dental receptionist has a lot on their plate. New appointments, changes, and cancelations can be overwhelming- leading to mistakes. Be sure that they have access to a user-friendly software that makes it easy to track appointments.

Plus, make sure that all of your staff can use the new software. That way, if someone is absent from the team for the day, another person can step up and keep everything running smoothly.

Have Frequent Meetings

Be sure that you and your dental team have regular meetings, this keeps the practice together and on the same page. This also gives you an opportunity to praise staff, making them feel appreciated and keeping up motivation at the workplace.

These meetings should be a place for employee input, working out a day plan, talking about issues and how to overcome them, and other discussions.


Running a dental practice can be difficult, but if you follow our advice, you will notice it starting to run smoother and smoother every single day. If you want to effortlessly manage your office all the time, hire some top-rated freelancers in the dental industry through the online Stynt job marketplace or check out the app!


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