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Tips for Beginning Your Career in the Dental Industry

According to extensive market research, the dental industry is expected to continue to grow throughout the years to come. With an increased revenue moving through the dental industry, there will naturally be an increase in individuals who want to work in the dental field. With increased volume comes increased competition. Excelling in customer service and staying up to date with the latest trends will enhance your market value. In addition to your day to day practices, there are certain tricks that will ensure that your resume stands out among the competitors. In addition to a strong resume, it is important to make a quality first impression on your prospective employers. By enhancing your resume and making a quality first impression, you will quickly be able to find the perfect position for you!

Resume Tips for the Dental Industry

Include an Objective:

In some industries, it is unnecessary to add an objective statement on the forefront of a resume. When it comes to the dental industry, it is important to highlight your approach towards patients, your experience level, and your qualifications. Zety helps outline statements that would be appropriate as an objective statement on a resume. An objective statement can be used to show that your top priority is caring for patients with excellence.

Enhance your Community Service

If you have used your skills to serve the community, that is important information to share. Employers appreciate candidates who are able to give back to the community. Not only does that show your impressive skills, but it also shows that you are a reliable and trustworthy employee. Adding volunteer work to your resume is especially important if you are a recent graduate. Community service shows that you are willing to work hard whether you are inside or outside the office.

Include your Soft Skills

There are many soft skills that are crucial to your dental career. First, having a reliable work ethic is an important quality that all employers will want to see. Other soft skills that are worth noting are the ability to problem-solve, time-management skills, and confidence. Other skills that may be worth noting are the ability to be flexible, adaptable, and a team player. Many people struggle to determine the best way to include soft skills on a resume. Some people choose to include a “soft skills” section on their resume that includes 1-3 bullet points that highlight their top skills. Other people choose to incorporate rich and meaningful descriptive words into their bullet points throughout their resume that highlight their skills. If you are applying for freelance or temporary position, highlight the skills you have that will allow you to excel in a temporary position. Are you a quick learner? Is it easy for you to develop relationships? These factors are important when applying for a temporary gig.

Making a Good First Impression in the Dental Industry

Be Kind

When you are interviewing for a job, it is important to be kind to everyone you come in contact within the office. Many times, job seekers focus on impressing the person they are interviewing with. Although it is important to make a quality first impression, it is important that your potential employer sees that you make an extra effort to be kind to all employees.

Be Informed

Before your interview, make sure to do your research on the company you are applying to work for. What are the primary dentists at the facility known for? What are the unique qualities that this office possesses? Try learning as much as possible about the company so that you can ask specific, impressive questions.

Don’t Talk Too Much

When you talk too much, it appears that you do not have confidence in what you are saying. Answer questions confidently, knowing that you have the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the role at hand. Take a deep breath before answering questions. Although excitement is a positive emotion, eagerness may be interpreted negatively. Keep your cool and remain confident to make a quality first impression.


Although the market is competitive, there are many simple steps you can take to stand out among other candidates. It is not always the most experienced candidate that gets the job; it is commonly the most well-rounded candidates that see great success. Focus on creating a resume that is clear and compelling. Be kind and confident to make a quality first impression with your prospective employer. By being confident and compelling, you can find a role that is perfect for you in the dental industry!

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