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The Five Challenges Even the Best Dentists Must Deal With

Many days, the work of a dentist seems to go far beyond dealing with stubborn teeth and patients. No matter the experience or confidence in their job, here are five challenges that even the best dentists are dealing with in their dental practices.

1. Working With the Right People

Just like any business, a Dental Hygienist is only going to be as effective as their staff is. With many dental businesses utilizing the newer gig economy models, it is easier than ever before to hire the right people. A practice can select the skills they need for each position and in no time they are matched with top dental talent in their area.

2. Dealing With Insurance

Expecting a dentist to be able to remove a tooth with precision and understand all of their insurance papers is seemingly ludicrous. When the best dentists don’t want to overwhelm their office workers, many top practices are outsourcing their insurance work to professional companies that make sure everything is in order for the practice to operate successfully.

3. Operating Within Budget

With how many supplies are needed to operate a practice, it is easy to see where money can become tight when dentists are not careful with their budget. Many practices struggle from an issue of negative cash flow because they are unable to move money where it is needed to operate at a profit.

The best dental practices account for every brush and needle and make sure they are operating within their budget down to the penny.

4. Generating Consistent Clients

Starting a new practice or even working at an established practice both have their fair share of client issues. Getting your first client is often the hardest, but keeping consistent clients coming back is hard for even the best Dental Hygienist. To generate a steady customer base, you need to be providing excellent treatment in the patient room and even in the lobby.

People will judge a practice based on all aspects of how they feel and are treated when inside.

5. Staying Motivated

Motivation is arguably the most important trait to possess when working as a dentist. When starting out, a new dentist or dental assistant can have piles of loans and student debt that can make it hard to stay motivated. However, those who succeed in the dental industry are those who put their heads down and do the work.

It’s easy to lose motivation when you owe so much money, but you need to look at the bigger picture. If you want to be the best, you need to start working and thinking with their attitudes.


While these are just some of the challenges that a dentist will face, there are so many more out there. We feel that these five represent those challenges that even the best dentists can find hard to deal with even with years of experience. Fill out our form or download our app to join Stynt and expand your freelance career!


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