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The Connection Between Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease

Poor dental hygiene can pave the way for serious health problems. One, in particular, is heart disease. If you are a freelance dentist or a dental professional, it’s important to make your patients aware that good dental health can equal a healthy lifestyle.

We’ll explain in detail what the connection is between periodontal disease and heart disease in a moment. When it comes to dental health, your patients should take it a bit more seriously. Especially when the science proves that somehow, someway it can affect the rest of their health.

Let’s talk more in detail about this apparent missing link between periodontal disease and what is known to be one of the leading causes of death in the United States:

What Is The Missing Link?

It has long been known that periodontal disease had some kind of indirect association with health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. For a lengthy period of time, that piece of the puzzle had been missing and unaccounted for. However, a Canadian study managed to find that long-elusive connection.

According to the study, it is said that activities from neutrophil immune cells have been connected to heart disease, diabetes, and other inflammatory ailments. These cells are primarily activated by gum disease, although it is unclear at what point they are actually triggered. However, the intent of these cells is to release neutrophils, which is designed to combat bacterial infections that are linked to periodontitis and other dental diseases.

As this happens, the immune system will kick into high gear and work to destroy any secondary infections that might be on the horizon. However, this can open the door for secondary inflammatory conditions. The immune cells will destroy any tissues and organs that may be damaged due to inflammation.

Good Oral Health = Good Overall Health

It’s clear that good oral health will always equal good overall health. As such, oral health can also serve as an indicator of any inflammation that may be occurring in the body. Inflammation alone is known as a sign of a wide variety of health problems.

Inflammation is common when the body’s immune system goes to work to fight off any potential infections or illnesses. That is why it is important to keep inflammation to a minimum and make sure that your patients are practicing good oral hygiene on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

With the missing link now found, freelance dentists or dental professionals in today’s gig economy will be well informed to make their patients aware of the importance of good dental hygiene. Whether their patients know it or not, they should be made aware that poor oral hygiene can lead to health problems down the road.

If you are a dental professional, you are not just in the business of keeping a smile nice and healthy. You could potentially save a life. You can make a difference with your patients to ensure that their oral health and their overall health go hand in hand (and in a positive direction).

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