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The Best Ways To Show Your Team That You Appreciate Them Especially During These Hard Times

The circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted every industry imaginable and created untold financial burdens for those who are owner-operators of their own businesses, like dental practices. This has precipitated hard times for practices that now may be unable to offer additional compensation or any paid time off like vacation or maternity leave.

Additionally, with most dentists restricted to performing work only as necessary on an emergency basis, owners of dental practices are having problems even getting staff members to return to work, and are experiencing difficulty replacing associates that have left the industry altogether. In light of all this, there are many team members who have chosen to stay and weather the storm to make sure their practice comes out on top.

Every September you have an ideal opportunity to show your office manager that you whole-heartedly appreciate them during Dental Office Manager Appreciation month. This is an opportunity for you to let them know you appreciate the value they bring to the organization.

Even with this in mind, every team member is crucial to the success of your practice, and any time is a great chance to let them know that you couldn’t do it without them.

Ten Ways To Show The Team At Your Practice That You Appreciate Them

1. Get your front office manager a membership to the American Association Of Dental Office Manager.

If your dental manager has been loyal through these tough times, consider getting an AADOM membership for them. Invest in them and they can then apply the knowledge to your practice.

2. Give the gift of food like take out, Grubhub, DoorDash, or Uber Eats.

Everyone likes to splurge on some take out. Make it easier for your team to grab a convenient lunch or dinner by giving everyone a gift card for a local take out provider.

3. Personalize a gift basket

Even small gift baskets filled with things that your team members have mentioned that they like is a superb way to reward them, thank them for their service, and show them you listen when they mention things they like.

4. Buy some cupcakes or a cake

Having a slice of cake or a cupcake or two on a Friday afternoon is the perfect way to wrap up the week with a stress-melting snack.

5. Let folks go home early every now and then

Who doesn’t love an early day? Lots of people do the early Friday out, but you can really blow some minds with an early out on an underbooked Monday.

6. Buy lunch

Let everyone know that tomorrow they won’t need to worry about lunch because you are taking care of it. Find a local spot everyone loves, and pass around the menu. Order lunch in for everyone and take a moment to thank them.

7. Have flowers or balloons delivered

Brighten up the office and add some cheer.

8. Offer small bonuses.

Cash is king, and in these hard times, throwing a hundred bucks or two to each employee at the end of a prosperous month can do more than you can imagine.

9. Give The Gift Of Music.

So many people enjoy a music streaming service, a gift card for a month of Spotify or similar could be perfect.

10. Personal “Thank you”.

The original thanks. Many dentists don’t take the time to give an honest, undistracted, and unhurried thank you

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