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The Benefits of Working With A Staffing Platform Like Stynt

On average, U.S. corporations lose half of their employees in four years. Almost 33% of baby boomers surveyed say a lack of trust in leadership is a top turnover trigger; only 28% of generation X employees expect to stay with their current employers; Millennials need employers with a strong commitment to corporate responsibility, volunteerism, and making work “fun”.

One out of every two workers report that they are dissatisfied with or indifferent toward their current job. In a recent study by CareerBuilder, 27 percent of U.S. employers surveyed reported that a bad hire cost their company more than $50,000.

How can you – a dentist or dental practice manager – expect to grow a profitable business with the threat of employee turnover this high?

Too many dental practices don’t have or are careless about their talent acquisition process. When dental practices fail to implement a thoughtful hiring process, they can make costly mistakes. Dental staffing professionals can help you find dentists, hygienists, and office staff while streamlining the process and getting better results.

Below are 5 benefits why you should be working with a dental staffing firm like Stynt.

1) Quality of Service to Your Patients

Your dental practice depends on not only staff, but also the quality of patient care delivered.

As a technology platform, Stynt leverages a robust set of screening and tracking capabilities to deliver you qualified and quality Dental staff quickly. Stynt’s matching algorithm incorporates experience, certifications, and even references to match you with exactly what you need. Better matches leads to improved and more consistent patient care.

2) Gain Access to Desirable Candidates Looking For Supplemental Work

Many of the best dental professionals are already employed and succeeding at their jobs, of course. Many of these professionals are on Stynt, and they could be providing quality care for your practice. We identify these matches and get them into your practice quickly.

Ultimately, your practice benefits from the expanded and improved talent pool made possible by partnering with Stynt.

3) Fill Your Positions Faster

Because Stynt is a technology-driven platform, the entire process of requesting temporary staffing and getting professionals through your door is extremely streamlined. Once you post a job, the platform pushes notifications to the professionals in your area that fit your needs. They’re able to apply to your postings, and you’re able to agree or pass. While you continue running your practice, we reduce the time spent waiting for temporary talent to fill your schedule.

Without a platform like Stynt, your practice risks experiencing a slow hiring process that could potentially damage the business. Great candidates can disappear, and daily operations will suffer while you spend too much time searching for good talent.


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