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Ten Popular Dentistry Myths

In the world of dentistry, there are often myths about best practices when it comes to patients managing oral care. In this article, we will be going over 10 of the most common myths.

#10: Beauty Salons Are A Good Place To Get A Whitening Treatment

The whitening treatments that you can get for your teeth in a beauty salon are different from the treatment your dental professional can provide. Professional treatments need to be done in a dental office with the proper equipment and precautions.

#9: Alcohol-Based Mouthwash Is More Effective Than Alcohol-Free

Just because it burns, does not mean it is working better than something else. Chlorhexidine can be more effective for bad breath and can be obtained by prescription. Since alcohol is a cheap ingredient many brands use it as an active ingredient.

#8: The Reason We Brush Is To Remove Food Debris

While brushing does remove debris, that is not its purpose. The actual purpose of brushing is to remove the built-up dental plaque. Even if you cannot see it or feel it, there is a microscopic layer of plaque on your teeth.

#7: Women Should Avoid Dental Treatments While Pregnant

The complete opposite is actually true. Bad oral hygiene can create issues that put your unborn child at risk. Gum disease during pregnancy has been shown to increase the likelihood of premature labor and low birth weight. Since gums can often bleed during pregnancy, women should actually see their dentist more often.

#6: Bad Breath Means You Have Bad Oral Hygiene

Bad breath is embarrassing, but it does not mean that you are taking bad care of your oral health. Usually, it means that the flora present in your mouth is out of balance. Talk to your dentist and they will be happy to help you find a solution.

#5: You Cannot Damage Your Teeth By Brushing Too Much

Brushing too much can cause your tooth enamel to begin to wear down or fade. It is not incredibly hard, so care needs to be taken not to brush too often.

#4: You Can’t Blame Stress For Dental Issues

Contrary to popular thought, your stress level can have a noted impact on your oral health. High stress has been linked to developing gum disease, particularly since stress also lowers your immune response. Tension in your muscles can also translate to your jaw, and into the head leading to headaches.

#3: Fluoride Is Bad For Your Health

While anything in excess, even water, can be detrimental to your health, it has been shown that fluoride in measured amounts can help reduce tooth decay. The fluoride in municipal water has reduced overall tooth decay by around 40%.

#2: It Is Always Necessary To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Many people are able to enjoy having wisdom teeth without any issues ever presenting. While it seems like everyone gets them out, they are only removed on a case by case basis. If your dentist is concerned about the space in your jaw, they may suggest removing them as a precaution.

#1: Teeth Only Get Stained Due To Food And Drink

Discoloration can occur from food and drink, but their color can be influenced by mineral levels in your water, medication, and even genetics.

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