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Some of the Best States to Practice Dentistry In

When getting into dentistry or looking for a change of scenery, there are many factors to consider when choosing where you want to work. With dentists being in demand across the country, there are always great job opportunities if you look in the right places.

Why Some States Are Better For Dentists

Just like any other job, the price you are paid for your work often varies greatly from state to state because the average cost of living is either higher or lower than the national average. In the states we look at, there are various reasons why they would be better for a dentist compared to other states.

Most of the criteria revolve around the living costs, quality of life, and general dental statistics for the given state.

Best States To Practice Dentistry


In nearly all regards, Massachusetts is the best state to live in for those in nearly any discipline of medicine. For dentists, in particular, Massachusetts has the highest number of dentists per population size and also has one of the highest rates of people who visit the dentist in the country. The Incredibly high quality of life ranking combined with great pay makes Massachusetts a great choice for any dentist.


California offers a generally great quality of life for dentists who are able to live with a very low average annual income. While the pay may not be the highest, the dentists per population size are rather high and the quality of life in California is also rather high.


Connecticut is a great option for those looking for a comfortable place to live with all-around great rankings in all categories. A wide array of opportunities, the highest number of adults visiting the dentist, and great pay all add up to make Connecticut a great place for dental jobs.

New York

Ney Work is similar to California as the average pay is not great, but everything else is worth it. Plenty of patients and dentists alike pair well with a high quality of life score to make New York a solid option for the new dentist looking for plenty of opportunities.


Colorado has seen immense growth in recent years and is becoming a great place to work for anyone. For dentists, you will get a solid salary, great quality of life, and plenty of work and patients to help you make a living.


Hawaii offers dentists a great quality of life and a high amount of patients that makes it a great option for those who love to work and enjoy life in the same place.


With so many considerations to make when choosing where to work as a freelancer, we just scratched the surface for some of the best options. Fill out our form or download our app to join Stynt!


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