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Showing Value to Your Customers

You can have the shiniest office, the most talented dental hygienists, assistants, and dentists, and all the best equipment but if you can’t show your customers you care for and value them, you’ll never get your business off the ground.

Being able to show your customers that you value, respect, and care for them is the cornerstone of any great dental practice. When it comes time to collect on payments, customers are more willing to pay higher fees for practices that offer them great service.

Whether you’re years into your dental practice, or just getting started, let us come alongside you to talk through the best ways to show your customers you value them.

Gauge Their Happiness Level

As you and your dental assistants begin interacting with customers, you’ll want to engage them with leading questions that will help you judge whether they were satisfied with the visit or not. Rather than asking “how was the visit today?” set them up for a more informative answer by leading with “looks like it was another great appointment today!”

By offering a leading statement or question, you allow them to agree that it was a great visit or they can let you know their grievances. If they give a positive response, you can direct them to give an online review. If they had issues, it's much easier to address them in person rather than hearing about it in a negative Yelp review.

Schedule With Them Quickly

Take the time to schedule their next appointment as they’re getting checked out. This ensures that they’re well taken care of; your time is used efficiently, and can also be used as a marketing opportunity.

By asking your customer where and when they’d like to be seen and mentioning any other new branches in the area, you might spark them to remember a friend or relative that lives close by and encouraging them to be seen at the new location.

Remind Them of the Value of Their Visit

As the customer is getting ready to leave and before they check-out, make sure to go over all of the services provided for them that day. By reiterating what was done during their visit by the dental hygienists or dental assistants, you can reinforce how you’ve served them without just handing them an impersonal itemized receipt.

Customer Service First, Money Last

When working with insurance and insurance claims, make it a point to get the customer's claim moving through the system as soon as possible after their visit. By sending it while they're still standing there, they'll keep in mind that they need to address any issues with their company or their employer.

Before they leave your office, ask them “how” rather than “if” they’re going to be paying today. This closes off any option of them being billed later for their dental work. Asking after payment last puts the value on them as a person and your customer at the forefront.


Going through each of these steps with a dental customer may seem like it will take too much time. But by setting aside an extra minute to gauge their happiness, schedule their next appointment, remind them of what was done at their visit, and then receive payment you’ll show them they’re valued as well as save yourself time and energy in the future.


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