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Should I Choose Dental Hygiene as a Career?

Many people look at the healthcare industry as an appealing career path. Within healthcare, countless careers exist. One such career, a dental hygienist, offers many benefits. A dental hygienist can work under a dentist or independently in their own practice. They hold many responsibilities and have prestige for being a well-trained individual in a highly skilled field.

What Does a Dental Hygienist Do?

As a dental hygienist, you’ll have many responsibilities. The list below shows some services dental hygienists offer.

· Assessing the health condition of patients

· Review and discuss oral conditions

· Take x-rays of patient’s teeth, jaw, and more

· Clean the teeth of patients

· Remove plaque and buildups

· Place preventive materials on patient’s teeth

· Educate patients on proper oral health—brushing, flossing, etc.

· Educate patients on how nutrition affects one’s oral health

· Create molds of patient’s teeth

· Perform administrative or managerial duties

Advantages of Working as a Dental Hygienist

Work Satisfaction

First and foremost, individuals who like helping others receive immense satisfaction from their careers in dental hygiene. These skilled workers help improve the health conditions of people every day. Dental hygienists also get to have variety in their daily work lives—some days they’ll treat children, provide education on oral health, or assistant a dentist with some other task. Their days are never boring.


A dental hygienist often has a flexible schedule. They may work weekends, weekdays, mornings, or afternoons. Dental hygienists can work part-time or full-time, depending on their employer and preference.

Job Security

Another highly advantageous reason to choose dental hygiene as a career is because the role offers security. The importance of proper oral health will never wane. Dental hygienists will maintain their value in the healthcare industry. Thus, choosing a career in the field provides long-lasting security knowing there will always be a demand for the skills.

Potential for Work Independence

Depending on the state you live in or want to work in, you have the option to open your practice. In 42 states, dental hygienists can work independently from dentists. They need no supervision to provide treatment which means as a dental hygienist you can become a business owner and work for yourself!

Option to Work as a Contractor

Some dental hygienists prefer to work as contractors. You can work temporarily for various employers and never be tied down by a salary. This allows freedom allows you to travel, try out various practices, and experience dental hygiene work in various locations and environments

Other Benefits

Three truly are many benefits to working as a dental hygienist. With a little creative thinking, the list of benefits is truly endless. Check out some more benefits below.

· You get to work and interact with many people every day

· You can earn substantial income

· You have the freedom to choose where you work

· Often, you can choose your own work schedule

· You can become a traveling dental hygienist

If you’re interested in becoming a dental hygienist and want the peace of mind knowing that you will easily be able to find job options, fill out our form or download our app to join the Stynt Network!


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