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Remember, Dentists are People Too!

As a dental assistant or dental hygienist, it can be intimidating to ask the dentists at your practice questions. You might feel that they would be disappointed or not consider you a professional if you asked, or are worried about other ways that they might react to you.

We understand it can be complicated. However, you need to remember that dentists are people just like you. They understand where you are coming from and why it can be nerve-wracking to ask questions.

No Need to Feel Intimidated

As a dental assistant, you might sometimes feel inferior to the dentists at your practice. Many of us worry about bringing attention to our lack of knowledge or understanding of the terminology they have to use daily.

Many in the dental field choose to Google a term instead of asking a dentist at their practice what the word means. Usually, it comes down to the assistant being intimidated. How can you feel more comfortable talking to the dentists and other specialists at your place of work? Just remember: there are no stupid questions!

Be Engaging

Taking some time to talk to other staff members outside of the office can do wonders at showing you how they are real people like you. Everyone has questions that they do not know the answers to and they can have many things in common with you as well.

Dentists Love Teaching

When you talk to a dentist or other specialist, you will quickly realize that they are passionate about their field. They love to teach and impart us with helpful oral advice. When you ask questions and open yourself to a conversation you are showing them that you are and want to expand your knowledge.

You are also showing them that you want to be better- asking questions lets you know how to fix past mistakes and ensures that you do not repeat them. You can be a better dental assistant by learning how to ask questions.

You Can Grow and Learn

Asking questions and paying attention to the dentist does not mean that you are showing them your weaknesses. It is the opposite! You are showing them that you want to grow and learn. This allows you to fill in the spaces in your dental knowledge and grow as a professional.

Remember, your dentist team values you. They know that you are intelligent, so be sure to keep that in mind next time you have a question on your mind. If you decide to branch out into freelance, then you can use your newfound knowledge back at your original practice as well.


When in a professional setting, it can be difficult to remember that dentists are human just like you. As long as you keep this in mind, you will not feel intimidated by them and can even learn from their experiences and wisdom! If you are interested in branching out and becoming a better assistant, check out our app or this form to join Stynt!


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