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Profile Tips Prospective Dental Professionals Shouldn’t Ignore

If you are a freelance dental assistant or hygienist who is in search of a new gig, keep reading. These days people are going digital. People are uploading a photo, resume, and writing a brief summary about themselves on LinkedIn.

We’ll be taking a look at the 3 profile tips that you should not ignore when putting one together. Your next dental gig may be closer than you think. And the slightest mistake may lead to missing out on it and waiting a bit longer for the next opportunity. Many dentists and human resource managers are very detail-oriented and will sniff out the slightest mistake.

Dental professionals can land a good gig, especially in today’s gig economy. If you are ready to take the plunge and improve your profile for dentists and HR to look at, let’s continue on with a list of profile tips that you need to follow to increase your chances of getting hired:

1. Make Sure It’s Filled Out Completely

An incomplete profile can equal the kiss of death. You want it to be complete and detailed as possible. Trust us when we say that no one wants to look at a profile that is absent of a profile pic (and no, a picture of your cat isn’t acceptable either).

So when there are sections of a profile that you need to fill out, don’t leave them blank. Be honest and fill out the relevant info. “N/A” may be acceptable at times for certain parts of the profile, but not always.

2. Upload a High-Quality Photo

Your profile picture should be as professional and high quality as possible. You should be dressed professionally and not looking like a slob. A word of advice when taking a profile pic: dress up as if you are going to a job interview.

Also, your background shouldn’t be an outdoor setting. Oh and don’t crop out a photo of you at some outdoor outing and call it a profile pic either. There are people who are really finicky about this.

3. Spelling and Grammar Should Be on Point

We’re not trying to turn you into a member of the grammar police. But there are those who will spot the slightest error in spelling or grammar and won’t even bother looking through your profile any further. That’s how some people are sometimes.

You want to write out your profile and do a thorough look over (do it twice or three times if you have to). Once everything looks good, just post and you’re good to go. Feel free to have a friend help you out with this.

Profile Tips Prospective Dental Professionals Shouldn’t IgnoreFinal Thoughts

Having a nice detailed profile that stands out will set you above the rest of the pack. Especially when you are looking for a freelance dental gig that you will likely enjoy. Now that you know these three tips on improving your profile, perhaps it’s time to take your talents to Stynt.

To get started with Stynt, you can fill out the form here or download the app on your mobile device.


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