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Online Courses Dental Office Managers Should Take

The role of a dental office manager has grown and expanded exponentially in recent years. Dental practices are getting bigger every year, so it comes as no surprise that more responsibilities are required of the staff who work there.

You may not realize it, but there’s a lot more needed of the dental office manager than simply smiling at patients and signing them in. They need to be highly skilled in many areas, from budgeting to billing, and much more.

As such, there are some beneficial courses dental office managers should take that will keep them one step ahead. Let’s take a look at 4 courses needed to run a dental office smoothly.


For a dental office manager, excellent communication is absolutely necessary. As you can imagine, people of all personalities walk through the door on a daily basis. A great office manager needs to be able to talk with everyone comfortably and clearly.

With PrimeSpeak’s communication program, managers will learn how to improve their dental practice so that patients get the best service possible.

Maybe you have trouble communicating with patients who are stressed out or suffering from anxiety. PrimeSpeak can help!

You will learn how to build a unique relationship with your patients so that they trust you. This will only help to make the dental practice a better place.

NYSDA Risk Management

The New York State Dental Association offers an excellent course for learning how to properly handle risk in dental practices. This invaluable program prepares you for all kinds of situations that can arise when you least expect them.

This is a much-needed course, as it covers a litany of topics. It can help your dental practice avoid lawsuits, handle malpractice, and learn how to keep the absolute best dental records.

Minimizing risk is a necessity for any medical practice. This course was created by some of the most experienced dentists and attorneys who specialize in these areas. You can trust that you are getting practical information that you will be able to implement at your practice.

Warschaw Insurance Course

This online course contains excellent training for dental office managers. Not only that, but it’s also designed to help dentists and staff, as well.

Through this course, you will learn how to file claims efficiently, handle payment methods, and plan for treatments. Furthermore, those taking the course will gain valuable knowledge of office protocol, medical coding, and how to improve productivity.

Universal Accounting School’s Accounting Course

Learn how to improve your bookkeeping and accounting skills. If you need to familiarize yourself with account receivables and other valuable aspects of office management, this is a highly beneficial course.

As a dental office manager, the more knowledge you have of the inner workings of billing and salaries, the better things will run behind the scenes of the dental practice.

If you want to put your dental office manager skills to the test, fill out our form, or download our app to join Stynt!


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