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How You Can Improve Front Office Productivity at Your Dental Practice

When someone shows up to a dental practice, the first thing they notice is the front office staff and their surroundings. Many dentists think that patients only care about the dental work they receive, but the experience they have with the front office staff is just as important.

With such an important role to play, you need your front office staff to be as productive as possible. These tips should help your staff be more productive at work.

Establish the Right Work Environment

The area and tools your staff is provided with play a large role in how well they can do their job. If each worker has to do several different tasks and is forced to deal with a heavy workload, they will clearly not be as productive as if they had more specific roles and the tools to do them.

You want to create a work environment that allows each person to focus on their strengths in a productive way. This means you need to physically make the space more productive with more efficient designs and clear job areas for staff to work in.

Have the Right Staff

The right people can seem hard to find, but if you have the right resources, it doesn’t have to be. Productivity can come from within and you need to hire a team that loves to be productive so they can help the entire practice operate smoothly.

Find the perfect freelance applicants with resources like Stynt which will match you with top talent based on the criteria you set. Stynt will use AI technology to quickly find professionals in your area that match the skills you have outlined. This takes the guessing out of the hiring process.

Utilize the Strengths of Your Employees

As we mentioned earlier, every staff member has certain strengths and weaknesses to work with. For you, this means you need to understand where people would be best suited to working in the office. Productivity really starts to show itself when people are in roles they love doing what they are best at.

It is always a good idea to take the time to sit down with employees and freelancers and learn what they are good at and enjoy doing. When you put people into positions that they really like, they will naturally be more productive without much external pressure needed.

Look Into Automation

Our last tip to make your front office more productive is to consider automating key areas of the practice. Dentistry relies on so much data and paperwork that it can be really overwhelming when someone is responsible for a number of records.

Thankfully, many businesses are already using automation in a number of areas to help them be more productive with front office work. Automating patient filing, accounting, and even hiring processes can be done with ease. You’ll save time and money when utilizing automation in your practice. Fill out our form or download our app to join Stynt!


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