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How to Retain Positivity as a Dental Practice Owner

There’s been a lot of uncertainty lately, thanks to Covid-19. Prospective patients may not want to come in for regular checkups, and staff may even have concerns about coming to work. Worldwide, people are trying to figure out what the new normal is.

Businesses have closed, unemployment has skyrocketed, and hospitals have seen explosions in patient visits. At the same time, reports have shown people have canceled regular healthcare visits like dental checkups and physicals. How can a dental practice owner keep their staff positive at this time?

Be Transparent with Your Staff

Being honest and communicative with your staff is one of the best things you can do right now. Let your staff know when news comes out about information that may affect their work. Communicate with the ideas you have. If you have to make tough decisions that affect your staff, be honest with why you’re making those decisions. Maintaining honesty and transparency can help everyone stay positive.

Plan Ahead

As a healthcare professional, you may have some ideas on how to adapt to the current events. You should have or make a plan to help combat the restrictions and the virus. With a plan of attack, it’s easier to stay positive. You know what you need to do to keep your business running smoothly.

Be Flexible

During times like this, where the future is completely unknown, you have to be flexible. Even when you have a plan with various approaches to running your business, plans may not always work. Restrictions may change. Your staff could get sick, and you could see appointments getting canceled. If you’re flexible you can adapt and still strive to meet your goals.

Prevent Yourself from Overconsumption

Every news source is constantly feeding information on the pandemic. Some sources may present information with opinions to go along. It’s important to stay informed on the pandemic, restrictions, and statistics, but do not over-consume information. If you let the news dominate your thoughts, it’s impossible to stay positive. Stay aware of new information, but keep your thoughts on positive events. Celebrate any little wins that you have. Be grateful for your health and your staff’s health.

Focus on What You Can Control

Don’t stress about things you have no control over. Restrictions and policy changes for businesses are out of your grasp. Rather, focus your energy and attention on patient care and your staff. Your job is to run a dental office, provide oral healthcare, and treat patients. Spend your time helping your staff succeed.

The Bottom Line

Being a business owner during the pandemic can prove difficult. You don’t know what restrictions will come into place, and how the virus will affect you. However, planning ahead, communicating effectively, staying level-headed, and focusing on your role can greatly help your positivity and your staff’s positivity.

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