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How to Prepare for the World After COVID

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything about our lives. From how we shop for groceries to when we can see a doctor for basic care, it seems that everything is completely different than before with no resolution in sight.

This has resulted in many business owners scrambling to figure out what they need to do to stay afloat right now and how to survive in a post-COVID world. Of course, this is especially true with medical professionals, especially those who work in the Dental Industry since they are perhaps some of the most exposed while working directly with the mouth.

Let’s take a look at how to prepare for a world post-COVID and explore what precautions you can take to help keep yourself safe from any future threats.

Minimalist to Minimize

Having a minimalist decor theme in your waiting area will help cut down on the number of surfaces you have to clean every single day. Viral particles can live on hard surfaces for quite some time and perhaps even longer on soft surfaces, leading to an increased risk of spreading. Opt for hard chairs that can be disinfected and cut down on unnecessary decor items like pictures, faux plants, and an excess of pamphlets and other items that will be touched, causing viral transfer.

Instead, focus on creating a nice but minimalist space to help keep your staff from having to constantly clean and all of your patrons a little safer.

Secondary Revenue

One of the biggest things that have impacted dental practices and dental hygienists and dental assistants directly during this time has been a lack of income. When you cannot see patients at the rate you are used to, you cannot bring in the money that is essential to keeping your business open. Due to this, some practices are really struggling and may not even survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help offset this, many people are looking to the freelance market. Working in the gig economy allows you access to hundreds of jobs that you could take on, even during these trying times, to bring in a little extra income to help support your family and practice. Aside from that, you can also hire temp workers through the freelance market to create a staff that is affordable and available only when you need them, cutting down on spending for days with no patients.

How Stynt Can Help

Stynt is a platform that makes it easy to find freelance jobs in the dental field as well as hiring freelancers. With their curated system, professionals can post listings, access information, and find jobs all in one go. Let us help you figure out your place and start a secondary income stream to help you through this time. It is hard for everyone, so let us make it a little bit easier for you!

It is as easy as filling out our form or signing up through the app! Fill out our form or download our app to join Stynt!


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