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How to Pick Your Dental Practice’s Location

So, you’ve decided to start your own dental practice. How exciting! Owning your own practice opens you up to an entirely new world of employer freedom and gives you the ability to create a customized experience for your valued patients. That being said, it is important to consider where exactly your practice will be built while planning out the finer details. Let’s take a look at how to pick the perfect location for your dental practice!

Look At Your Competition

When planning where your practice will be, you obviously do not want to place yourself too close to your competition or copy exactly what they are trying to do. That being said, you can benefit from taking notes from them. Look at where they are and see how well they are doing. Are they near a specific area? Do they have a nice location? Try to take the best aspects of their locations and make yours even better!

Study Your Town Layout

Understanding where people go is important. If your dental practice is located in the middle of nowhere with no other businesses nearby or houses, chances are you will go unnoticed. This means that you will not have enough passing foot traffic to be effective with most people in your town, especially if there are other locations nearby that have more impact with the pedestrians who pass through town.

Look at Your Neighbors

It is important to consider who your neighbors are when choosing a spot for the practice. For example, placing your dental practice near liquor stores, candy shops and other places that do not cater to health and wellbeing may send the wrong message. Shopping centers or medical malls are great places, as are professional businesses near offices where people can pop in during their break for a cleaning.

You should also try for a newly renovated or updated area. If your new practice is placed in the middle of several rundown buildings or structures that are abandoned, you are not going to be sending a very professional message. Additionally, you want to make sure the entire area looks manicured and professional and suits your niche.

Staffing is Key

Aside from the initial placement, you should also look at staffing professionals from your very first day. If you are not sure about what permanent staff you want or are looking to have a rotating staff business model, hiring freelancers might be more within the realm of what you need. Stynt is here to help. To learn more about becoming a freelancer or hiring freelancers, fill out the form on our site, or join through our app for access to the Stynt dental professional marketplace.


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