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How to Keep Your Operatory Organized

Working in a cluttered, disorganized space is nearly impossible. It feels like your efficiency is slowed down and everything is harder to finish. Even the things you do accomplish feel tainted, in a way, by the struggle of it all. This is especially true when working in an operatory where things definitely go better when well organized.

Let’s look at what you can do to get everything in order and ready to go for your next patient!

Create a Flow

Creating a flow is one of the easiest ways to make space feel more organized. This entails considering in what order you use your tools and placing them in that order to make them more easily accessible. You can also have the tools for the next patient in an easy to reach place to keep things moving and prevent scrambling to get the room flipped for the next examination or procedure.

This includes premaking trays if you can so you have everything ready for your patients and do not have to do it on the fly, giving you time for other prep or perhaps a rare breather between examinations and cleanings.

For freelance workers, especially, it is important to come in early if possible and familiarize yourself with the space and understand where everything is to make the entire day easier on yourself, too.

Check Stock Levels

There is nothing worse than running out of things that you need mid-appointment and having to scramble to get the parts from a different operatory. To prevent this, try to always check on your tool stock levels in the morning to make sure you have enough on hand to get you through the day. Knowing where back-ups are, too, is good, just in case you do happen to run out.

Decorate Your Space

If you notice a lot of blank space or perhaps stacks of paperwork, try decorating your examination room if you are allowed to help make it a little more friendly and welcoming. This will put your patients at ease and generally make the space look more put together. While you should shoot for minimalism, things like easy to wipe down laminated posters and cute dental models are great for adult and children treatment and examination spaces alike and add interest to the otherwise sterile and medicinal room, making everyone a little more comfortable.

Documentation Organization

The aforementioned stacks of paper can really drive you crazy. Having file folders and other things on hand can really help you remain organized throughout the day and keep all documents on hand, especially if you are a freelancer and need to turn everything in at the end of your workday.

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