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How to Increase Your Patients’ Understanding of Dental Treatments

It is estimated that up to seventy-five percent of American adults experience some degree of anxiety when they are preparing to visit the dentist. This is because there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to understanding exactly what a dentist is going to do while working on your teeth and mouth. This anxiety, in turn, can make it quite difficult to effectively communicate with your patients.

Approach Them With Confidence

Patients are nervous and have a right to be. It is scary having someone work inside of your mouth for any amount of time, let alone for a cleaning or actual surgery or procedure. You can help ease this by coming in with confidence and cheery nature. Speaking to them in a positive manner will put them at ease and make them feel like you have everything under control.

Be Honest

If you notice something is wrong, do not just jot down a note and move on. Be honest and tell the patient how things are going, this way you can help keep them present during the appointment and increase their understanding. During a cleaning, speaking openly about finding a cavity or other concern and explaining what will happen each step of the way through the cleaning and examination process will help keep them calm.

If the patient feels they are in control, they will feel better. Going into detail about what is going on and explaining what exactly they can expect will help them better understand their treatment plan and make them feel more prepared.

Offer Choices

Sometimes, offering choices can make a difference. There are, of course, instances where you cannot effectively offer choices during treatment, but if it is something like a flavor of rinse or polish, offer it, even to adults. They may chuckle and say “Oh, it doesn’t matter”, but offering the option to choose will pull them out of their anxiety and make it a little easier to stay present and shuck off the worry.

Hire a Specialist

Sometimes, having a dental hygienist or dental assistant on hand who specializes in patient relations can make a big difference. Even if you do not need them all the time, having someone you can bring in for the tougher patients can help to put them at ease and make them feel heard and understood. Freelancers are great for this purpose, as they can come in only when you need them and offer value to your entire business model.

Stynt makes it easier than ever to hire individuals with specific skill sets in the dental freelance space. To access the Stynt marketplace, simply sign up through the information form on the Stynt website or through the app and you’ll be on your way!


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