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How To Improve Your Scripting In 3 Easy Ways

If you are a dentist who has a practice staffed with freelance dental hygienists and assistants, you know that scripting is one of those things that you do on a regular basis. But what if you wanted to improve it?

We’ll be taking a look at three easy ways to improve your practice’s scripting in a moment. With improved scripting, it makes running your practice a lot smoother. Plus, you don’t want to spend half the day crunching numbers or rifling through paperwork just to see if a patient made an appointment or missed a payment for their last procedure.

If improving your scripting for your practice is one of your top priorities for the short or long-term, keep reading. Now, let’s get to the list itself so you can make these improvements as soon as today:

1. Strengthen Your Benefit Statements

Benefit statements are key when you want patients to follow through with a procedure you recommend for them. For example, let’s take a look at a patient who is missing multiple teeth.

They have the option of having dentures put in versus having full mouth dental implants.

There is no denying that the financial aspect of both procedures are taken into consideration. However, you’ll want to go deeper with the benefits and even the downsides of each procedure.

But the benefits should be amplified. For example, you can explain that implants will last longer and look like the real deal compared to dentures, which has some downsides that can be solved with full-mouth implants.

The patient will come to the realization that the most expensive procedure will always yield the best benefit and lifetime value for them.

2. Do Not Neglect Those Power Words

If anything, power words can really amplify your benefit statement (and scripting as a whole). Using words like “great” or “excellent” might just be worth throwing into the mix. Plus, creating trust is the goal you want when using them. Don’t overdo it, though.

3. Use command statements at the right time

The timing of your command statement will make the difference between whether or not a patient follows through with the procedure or not. The best time for you to use statements like “Mr. Smith, you need this procedure now rather than later” should be right after you explain to them the course of action in detail and how it will benefit them.

Final Thoughts

Improving your scripting using these three steps will be important. Not only will it help with patient retention, but it will also help you build that mutual trust with patients. It’s clear that most of them will need a procedure done sooner rather than later, so take heed of these tips above.

The key here is making sure you have great interpersonal and communication skills. For these reasons, finding the right talent is important. If you are searching for new talent for your practice, why not Stynt a whirl.

In this gig economy, you’d be surprised what kind of diamonds in the rough you’ll find in the dental field. To get started, you can fill out the form or download the app on your mobile device now to get started.


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