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How to Hire the Right Freelancers for Your Dental Practice

Every person who works at a dental practice plays a very specific role in delivering great customer experiences. When someone leaves or new help is needed, hiring the right freelancers is essential to maintaining a strong culture and respect around the office. Let’s look at how you need to approach the process of hiring new dental assistants.

Why Hiring Is So Crucial to Success

Hiring new team members is where you start any great business. With the right team, your dental practice will be able to deliver the best possible service to patients when they come to you for help. If you don’t put the necessary time and effort into hiring the right team, you will be trying to create an impossible culture and be dealing with the consequences for months or even years to come.

Considerations When Hiring New Dental Assistants

Set Your Expectations

Before even sending out a position offer, sit down with your team and describe the assistant you want to hire. Discuss their qualifications, personality traits, and think of what your team really needs. When you have a base set of expectations for an employee, you can better search with the filter that you put on potential applicants.

Set your expectations early so you are not filtering through too many applicants later on.

Offer benefits

If you want to get the best candidates out there, you need to be one of the best practices to work for. This often means offering a competitive salary to prospective workers so they are even interested in applying.

Once you offer a respectable salary, consider adding common benefits like insurance and 401K plans to really get people attracted to your job offer.

Expand Your Search Radius

While there are plenty of great dental assistants out there in the gig economy, you may struggle to find them if your searching methods and criteria are too narrow. For example, it may not be realistic to want an assistant with five years of experience and qualifications when you are offering a lower than average salary in a town with mostly college graduates.

Additionally, you may also want to look to outlets that can provide you with a more diverse talent pool than just local listings and small advertisements.

Hire With Modern Technology

The advent of the internet has made connecting with the right people so much easier than it used to be. You can create a job posting and have it seen by thousands of eager assistants in a matter of minutes.

Utilizing services like Stynt allows you to offer jobs to a much larger talent pool than ever before possible. You can search for the right applicant and get them working in an efficient manner.


You can often find it difficult to find the right freelancers for your practice, but these tips are sure to help you create a team that really works. Thankfully, Stynt is here to help you find these freelancers easily and in no time. Fill out our form or download our app to join Stynt!


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