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How to Help Your Patients Understand the Safety of Dental Visits During COVID-19

Under current guidelines, many medical practices are not accepting patients aside from emergencies. As an effort to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19, this has impacted many Americans and has decreased the ability for thousands of people to access proper medical care.

With so much uncertainty and a general discouragement of unnecessary procedures, it can be difficult for your patients to distinguish what exactly they can and cannot currently do. These confusing changes have played a role in many patients putting off much needed medical procedures, potentially resulting in lasting damage to their health.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to help. Let's explore how you can help get your patients back in the office and assist them in getting the help they need.

Contact Them Directly

Many people do not know what is open right now and what is still closed due to pandemic recommendations. If you want to get patients back into the office, try calling them directly and setting up appointments if it is time for a procedure that is safe to do right now. They will likely be grateful for your attentiveness and patient care principles.

Additionally, when you contact them, try to explain what safety procedures you are taking right now. They are in a state of fear and generally do not want to expose themselves to the virus, especially if they are at high risk. You can help to set their minds at ease by speaking of the sanitization measures and protocols you have placed to keep them safe during their dental work.

Bring in Attractive Features

With so many people currently being out of work, it can be hard to justify the cost of a dental procedure to those who are laid-off. Offering promotional pricing, discounts, specials, and payment plans for necessary procedures will help alleviate much of the stress of needing medical treatment during this time and help to get them back into the office.

You can also hire temporary freelance staff to help keep your spaces clean and prepared. These temporary workers can work on new, attractive features like new procedures and specialized treatments for children, as well. Doing this will make it easier for a range of patients to make their return to the office without tiring out your staff, increasing individual risk, or causing you to have excessive expenses.

Provide Amazing Services

If you want people to come back, you have to provide amazing services. This pandemic could go on for longer than we initially considered, making it a risk to established businesses. Always give your all and work to ensure that you are providing five-star care to every patient. They are having a hard time, as well, so giving them the best treatment experience possible will help make them feel better about coming to your office in the first place.

You can even do freelancing work at other offices if you have a specialized treatment you are an expert in administering or you are in need of additional working hours. While there, provide the best service you can and invite them for additional treatments or follow-ups directly with you at your clinic if your freelance employer allows.

To do this, you can browse Stynt by signing up with our online form or through the app to gain access to tons of freelance jobs within the current gig economy market. When your patients are struggling, every little bit of effort helps!


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