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How to Have a Happy Office Around the Holidays

There’s no denying how hectic the holiday season is for both your dental staff and your patients. Staff is requesting time off and patients are missing their scheduled appointments.

And yet there are other times that see your office packed to the gills with patients. The inconsistency alone can be enough to leave you and your team frazzled.

Fortunately, there are few tricks of the trade that can reduce your stress and keep your office holly and jolly.

Deck Out With Decorations

Christmas is supposed to be a cheerful and joyous holiday, so make sure that your office reflects this sentiment. You’d be amazed at what some holiday cheer can do for your patients and crew.

Add your own unique flavor to things, perhaps with some dental decorations thrown in for good measure. But be sure to maintain a balance of festive and professional.

Party On!

Nothing gets people geared up like a well-executed, fun, and exciting party. But don’t just throw any old party. Make it about your staff and let them know how valuable they are to you!

Commemorate all the hard work they have done by celebrating your business’ success. Order plenty of food and even consider gifting everyone with something that shows you much you appreciate them.

It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy. But by letting your staff know that you really care, they will want to continue working hard for you.

Consider doing this every year so that your crew has something to look forward to. With the excitement of knowing the annual party is coming up, you may see a boost in performance and friendlier behavior from everyone.

Hire Freelance Help

During this busy time of year, you might find your practice without a dental assistant or dental hygienist. Instead of stretching your available staff thin or running without sufficient help, think about hiring some temporary help to get you through the holidays.

This is a great way to give your hard-working crew some much-needed breathing room. If you find yourself overbooked with no end in sight, bring on an experienced freelancer or two to fill in the days that need help.

Your staff will surely appreciate the extra hand, and your patients will be able to get the dental care that they’ve come to expect from your practice.

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