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How Stynt is Changing Staffing

When hiring freelancers or employees, you may notice that there are many different ways to access the current marketplace. While you can certainly hire dental hygienists through many of them, there is always that bit of uncertainty surrounding if you are getting exactly the best person for the job.

Stynt, a marketplace for freelance healthcare professionals, is changing the way employers seek out quality staff by creating a curated professional marketplace for dental hygienists and dental assistants to seek work as freelancers in temporary or full-time positions.

Let’s take a look at how Stynt is changing the dental hiring process for the better, making it easier for you to find the exact professionals you need!

The Freelancer Vetting Struggle

While there is no shortage of freelancers looking for jobs, there certainly is an issue with locating them and ensuring they are the type of worker you’d want to represent your establishment. Stynt is making it easier than ever to find the precise type of dentist you want to work in your practice by allowing you to match with the most qualified talent for your specific needs.

With Stynt, gone are the days of struggling to discern if a person’s claims are genuine. On the platform, you know exactly who they are and that they hold the specific skills necessary for your opening.

You can view information concerning the abilities, special certifications, and other facets of a potential hire’s experience, along with what specialties they can offer, making it easy to make a decision. Where other options were often a bit of a guessing game by hiring someone with limited information or allowing a representative at a temp agency to do the recommendations and hiring for you, the Stynt platform puts the best candidates in front of you, allowing you the final decision. After all, who knows what your dental practice needs better than you?

A Straightforward, Honest Approach

With a marketplace like Stynt, we are continually matching top talent with dental offices. We are here to help and want to always take an honest, straightforward approach to help you find your perfect fit.

Regardless of what you are looking for, we are here to help. As a marketplace that has turned the industry upside down and rethought how employers and freelancers should connect, we are ready to assist you in any way we can. At Stynt, we care about ensuring you find a trustworthy professional to get the job done.

Want to get started finding the perfect freelancer? Click here to join Stynt for free!


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