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How Do Dental Jobs Fit in the Sharing Economy?

Compared to a traditional business model, a sharing economy allows a new way to work. This is not a new idea, though. Think about ordering a ride with Uber or Lyft or booking a room with Airbnb. The sharing economy works by letting people share goods. Individuals can sell their time to various groups, rather than commit all their time to one company. Just like many people work as freelancers selling their time to multiple clients at a time, the dental industry can take notice.

A Shared Dental Industry

Many dental jobs have been perfectly crafted for the sharing economy. In the modern world, many individuals want a career that offers flexibility and freedom. Professionals have begun to look for jobs that don’t tie them to a 9-5 schedule. They want their time and services to be more valued. Individuals have seen the changes Covid-19 has brought, and they want to change as well.

That’s why jobs like dental assistants, nurses, and hygienists see themselves perfect for the sharing economy. They don’t need to receive a yearly salary, but instead, they can work as freelancers. Already, these professions have seen what it’s like to hold multiple part-time jobs or have worked irregular schedules, but now with flexible work, they can choose when, where, and how much their hourly rate will be.

How Dental Jobs Fit

Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist works directly with patients. They provide direct oral care, and they educate patients on proper dental health. Depending on their place of work, dental hygienists hold different tasks and are responsible for providing different treatments. Regardless of the specifics of each role, dental hygienists can take on full-time or part-time work.

However, recently, many dental hygienists have begun exploring a more freelance kind of role. They’ll travel around picking up work where they need as this gives them professional support and freedom.

Dentists and Specialists

Often, dentists and specialists believe they need to open their practice. History has taught many dentists to see success only by opening their own practice. However, the norm is changing in the industry. Now, dentists can explore various practices and work for others. They can even participate in freelance work picking up shifts wherever they choose. This allows freedom, variability, and the potential to explore different work settings.

Dental Assistants

A professional dental assistant may work part-time or full-time—although most pick up part-time roles. The position is vital for any dental practice to operate efficiently. Thus, dental assistants have begun to notice their importance in the industry. They can look for freelance work, search for temporary work, and also try traveling work as hygienists do. This can give dental assistants the freedom to pick up shifts here and there while having the flexibility they desire.

The Bottom Line

The workforce is changing. Many professionals will lose the desire to stay with one company their whole lives. Rather, they’ll see the sharing economy as an attractive alternative that puts freedom and variability first.

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