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How Dental Hygienists Can Practice Self-Care

Over the last few years, self-care has become an important value in our nation. Many people have recognized that it is important to take time to rest their bodies and refresh their minds. Self-care looks different for everyone depending on the season of life they are in. For dental hygienists, there are many unique ways to practice self-care in a way that truly refreshes your mind. By taking a small amount of time daily or weekly to prioritize self-care, you will see huge benefits in your overall well being.

As a dental hygienist, you interface with clients all day long. You are constantly working with your hands and your feet. When you are working in the dental industry, you are constantly taking care of other people. It is necessary that you take time to care for yourself. There are a few factors to consider when determining the best method of self-care for yourself. In this article, we will talk about the important aspects to any self-care ritual.


In the dental industry, day-to-day functions are usually noisy and busy. After a long day of busyness, take some time to rest mentally. There is no formula for proper meditation; just take time to be still. Close your eyes, rest your head. Consider how you feel. When you meditate, bring awareness to your mind and your body. Allow yourself to be present in the moment. Practicing breathing deeply and allowing calmness to sweep over your body. You can practice mediation for five minutes on your lunch break or thirty minutes in the evening!

Massage Therapy

The dental industry can sometimes take a toll on your physical condition. When working with patients, you spend hours bending over, standing up, squatting, and maintaining all sorts of awkward positions. This motion can cause many aches and pains throughout your body. Having a regular appointment to get a massage could cause your body to remain in better condition. Many dental hygienists believe that massage therapy plays a huge roll in their health and wellness.

Quality Sleep

Getting a good night of sleep is a crucial component of overall wellbeing. When your body is not getting an adequate amount of sleep, you will suffer both physically and mentally. If you begin to feel burnt out or exhausted, evaluate the average amount of sleep you get each night. If you have been struggling to fall asleep or wake up in the mornings, consider what may be contributing to your discomfort. Are you drinking coffee in the afternoons? Have you been falling asleep looking at your phone? There are many factors that may be contributing to poor sleep.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is a common form of self-care for many individuals. When participating in regular exercise, many people feel increased mental clarity. Sometimes, exercise allows people to clear their thoughts and release built-up stress and tension within the body. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy! Do you enjoy dancing? Have you considered taking up yoga? If you enjoy being outdoors, a simple walk or job may increase your mental clarity! There are some forms of exercise that are specifically recommended to address some of the issues in the dental industry. The specific exercises recommended are ones that strengthen your body in ways that make it easier to complete your day to day activities.

Time with Friends

In the dental industry, you are spending every day caring for the needs of the people around you. It is important to have times when your needs are cared for. Time with loved ones is important for mental health. When you spend time with loved ones, you will be able to have fun and enjoy yourself. In addition to enjoying yourself, your friends will be able to care for you. In order to pour out your energy into other people all day, you need someone to be pouring care into you.


Maintaining a healthy mental and physical state is crucial to your overall well being. Working in the dental industry can be exhausting. After being on your feet and helping patients all day, it is important to invest in yourself! Whether you enjoy walking and listening to music or getting a massage, figure out a practice that refreshes you. When you rest your body and refresh your mind, you are less likely to suffer from burnout.


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