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Hiring a Dentist in the Modern World

The demand for dental services and professionals is continuing to rise. As a dental practice owner, you might have noticed that the competition for dental hygienists, dental assistants, and many other team members is very high.

This puts many looking for work in a favorable position, as they have plenty of employers to choose from. Even for dental freelancers, the gig economy is looking great right now.

You are also going to need to be on the lookout for someone who meets your practice’s needs. Here is what you need to know about hiring a dentist.

Always Check Their Educational Background

Before hiring the dentist, be sure you looked into their educational and professional background. This will show you how qualified they are to work with you and what their specialties are in. Be sure to look into their reputation, as this will come with them to your practice.

Do not forget to check if they are certified as well. A dentist of any kind should always have their legal documents that state they are allowed to practice. If they do not want to show you certifications, then that can be a sign that they are not a legitimate dentist.

Workplace Atmosphere Counts

Keep in mind that today’s generation does not work solely for the reason of making money. Millennials are more likely to work for a purpose that they believe in, with the salary coming second to them in importance.

This goes for new dental hygienists, dental assistants, and other dentist staff members. They are looking for job satisfaction and a strong workplace atmosphere. If you are finding young dentists hard to come by, try making your practice more appealing to them.

Don’t Be Afraid to Search Online

This younger generation also uses the internet more efficiently than others. You can find an audience of them more easily online, so do not be afraid to use it as a hiring tool.

It would also benefit you to set up social media accounts for your practice and have freelancing involved. That way, you can reach more people- and more prospective dentists for your office.

Retention Helps Too

Years ago, dentists would be comfortable working at one office for upwards of ten years. Now, it is common for younger dentists to switch to other practices after just a year or two of working there. If you do not want to keep losing dentists and hiring new ones, then you will need to focus on retention.

To keep your staff be sure to include them in activities. You will also want to ensure that they are engaged in your practice and have enough time to pursue their hobbies or tackle research projects on the side.


Hiring a dentist in the modern world does not need to be hard. Figure out your needs, what candidates fit them, and learn their specialties and qualifications. Doing this will ensure that you find the perfect addition to your team. If you want a one-stop solution, joining the Stynt job marketplace will give you access to unlimited potential freelance dentists for hire in your area.


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