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Evolution of the Dental Workforce

Today, more than ever, professionals are finding it more enticing to float from job to job. Historically, professionals would work for one company for half of their life. They were committed to the company and the company was committed to them. That has changed, however. Just as society evolves, so do common practices in the workforce.

Now, many professionals want more flexibility. They want to try out different companies. People want to move from town to town. They want to find the perfect job for them. Just like how individuals change the way they select jobs, companies should change the way they look at hiring.

Agility in Dental Offices

The area with the most potential for improvement for agility is hiring. Bringing agile methods to recruiting can reduce headaches seen from traditional hiring practices. Most dental offices rely on consistent staff for years and years. When that changes, practices may struggle to replace those essential workers. As the workforces’ desires change, businesses must learn to change as well.

Changing the Way Dental Offices Hire

By utilizing agile hiring, dental practices can hire professional staff in an on-demand manner. Using a platform like Stynt, practice owners or managers can find vetted dental professionals to pick up shifts within minutes or hours. This agile hiring process is quick and headache-free!

Hiring staff for a dental practice should be about finding the best fit for the job. The best fit does not always mean the most talented. Dental practices should want to find professionals who are dedicated to their job. At the same time, looking out for individuals who mesh well with the other staff is vital. The correct fit means the right skills, commitment, and genuine relationships. With all this in mind, dental offices can successfully find short or long term workers.

Transitioning to Agile Methods

To successfully practice agile hiring, dental offices need to know what they want. Do you need someone to work part-time? Do you want someone who can be flexible and work different hours each week?

Once this part is done, offices need to know where to look for staff. Some offices might have connections to hiring agencies, universities, or other institutions. More common in this day and age is finding the talent online. Dental offices need to be aware of the utility of online recruiting. Using this method, dental agencies can quickly sift through numerous potential employees without delay or even be quickly matched with the best fit on apps like Stynt.

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