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Employer Traits a Dentist Should Have in a Dental Practice

As a dentist, you are the direct employer of a dental practice. So it’s important to have certain traits to ensure that you are running your practice like a well-oiled machine. In a moment, we’ll be taking a look at three employer traits that every dentist should possess when running a dental practice.

While you are dealing with tasks such as hiring freelance dental assistants and hygienists or dealing with administrative work, it’s important to assume a leadership role within your practice. These traits will separate you from so many different managers, corporate executives, and other higher-ups regardless of industry. Learning about these traits will create an image of an employer that your staff can trust.

Now, let’s dive right into the list of traits:

Superb Leadership Skills

Being able to lead effectively is what separates a great employer from a mediocre one. Leadership skills consist of communication, problem-solving, and work ethic among others. As a leader, you want to be able to communicate effectively with your staff.

If there are issues that may arise in the practice, you’ll want to solve them in the best way possible. And you will likely face some tough decisions. Especially when you are faced with the kinds of decisions that provide you with a different, but the grim outcome.

Being in a leadership position comes with its perks. But it does come with its own set of disadvantages.

Effective communication

While we’ve mentioned it a bit while talking about leadership, effective communication should be something your staff should be doing. As a leader, you set the example. Nine times out of ten, effective communication can be done without your assistance.

Meanwhile, your dental assistants or hygienists will use that skill to build a rapport with patients and be able to listen to them and solve any problems that they have. The more effectively you and your staff communicate (and more often), the better.

Creating a positive culture

If there is one thing that will keep your staff happy and at high morale, being able to create a positive culture is the solution.

You want to set the example by displaying a positive mental attitude and morale at all times. At the same time, generating a positive culture is important when you want to attract new patients and retain them for the long-term.

Final Thoughts

If you are a dentist, you are just like any employer out there. But the question is: how do you stand out among the others? These three traits just might be exactly what you want to use to your advantage so you can retain employees and foster a positive environment that even patients can pick up on.

You can build a team that will make your practice stand out for the better. That’s why Stynt provides you with an opportunity to find the best talent. To get started, you can fill out the form by clicking here or download the mobile app.


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