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Educating Your Patients on Teeth Whitening

In the modern-day race to look our absolute best, people everywhere are wanting whiter, more attractive teeth. As a dental professional, you have likely seen a spike in patients requesting teeth whitening treatment.

However, it’s important for your patients to be properly educated before any procedures begin. To ensure that you know how to discuss this care with your patients, let’s talk about what they need to know prior to teeth whitening treatment.

Set Expectations

One of the best things you can do before whitening your patients’ teeth is to show them some real-life examples of treatment. As you already know, teeth whitening can only do so much.

Most patients aren’t going to be left with blindingly white teeth. As such, you want to do all that you can to set the expectation that their teeth will only improve by a couple of shades. With this in mind, your patients are less likely to be disappointed in the results of their treatment.

Warn of Whitening at Home

With a greater desire to whiten teeth, countless do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits have become available to purchase over the counter. Unfortunately, these kits have been shown to cause serious damage to teeth.

Some can reduce the strength of teeth, while others can cause them to scuff easily. Moreover, these kits are rarely effective in their whitening treatment, ultimately doing more harm than good.

It is therefore imperative that you inform all of your patients on the dangers of performing self-whitening at home. This will not only potentially save your patient from harm, but it can also help increase your regular teeth-whitening treatments.

Temporary Whitening Procedures

UV whitening is preferred by many patients due to its fast and effective treatment. However, many patients don’t realize that this method is only temporary.

It is important that you educate every patient who opts for this whitening method. If they know that it won’t last as long as other treatment options, you can provide them with one that they won’t be disappointed in.

Furthermore, patients need to know that UV teeth whitening is not recommended for those who have sensitive teeth. And if a patient does elect for UV whitening, they will need to follow up with additional whitening at home.

This can get expensive for the patient, as this can often result in repeat visits to have their teeth treated. Many times, patients who are warned of this will choose a more convenient whitening option that better fits their needs.

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