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Productivity Tips To Implement Right Now

In an industry like dentistry where time is money, you want every system to be as productive as possible to ensure you are making a profit and helping customers. There are constant changes occurring within the industry that need to be implemented at every practice, and the productivity tips are going to help your practice operate at its highest potential.

Create Consistent Communication Channels

A dental practice relies on communication more than anything else to make sure patients and staff are where they need to be when they need to be there. To ensure communication is seamless and effective, you need to make sure that there are clear and easy to use communication channels for everyone on the team to use.

Using intercoms, pagers, and electronics to communicate between staff and patients will allow everyone to know what is happening at any given time.

Take In Patient and Team Feedback

The best dental offices are the ones who take every bit of input they get and make a change because of it. Productivity can be hard to put into numbers but getting patient complaints that they are not happy with wait times shows that there is a problem to address.

Implementing feedback from both patients and staff allows a practice to operate as effectively as possible and to not leave any concern unheard.

Automate Where Possible

Modern technology has made our lives and businesses much easier to operate in many ways. For a dental office that relies heavily on office work, implementing automation technology can save substantial amounts of time and money.

You can automate patient response systems, billing, and even equipment ordering so that there is less to worry about for everyone at the practice. Systems like Stynt even make the process of hiring new freelance team members much easier than ever before.

Stick to Your Schedule

The most common issue that plagues both dental offices and medical clinics is scheduling issues. Whether it is from patients showing up late to the office and dentists not communicating effectively, scheduling issues are what destroy even the best practices.

In order to iron out issues with scheduling, there needs to be excellent communication so that patients are not waiting because a procedure took longer than expected. If you can tackle scheduling conflicts, you can deal with anything.

Bring in New Team Members More Efficiently

Hiring new staff used to often take weeks or months if you wanted the right people. As technology has fundamentally changed every other aspect of dental business, it has also changed how you can hire new staff.

As we mentioned earlier, resources like Stynt allow dental offices to hire the right freelancers in a matter of days.


Productivity practices take time to implement well, so take the time to help your practice become as productive as possible by implementing these suggestions. A productive dental practice is one that stays open! Fill out our form or download our app to join Stynt!


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