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Creative Ways to Increase Earnings for Your Dental Practice

For the vast majority of dental practices, money is often tight as many teams don’t know how to properly manage the money they bring in. If you want your dental practice to succeed in our current market, you need to consider some creative ways to bring in more earnings. By implementing some of the following ways to increase potential earnings, you can get your practice to the top.

Improve Patient Relations

The customers that are going to help your practice stay afloat are the ones that you are able to keep around. This means that customer relations play a large role in how well your business does and how much it can potentially earn.

Poor patient relationship management leads to a loss of patients as they might not feel properly cared for in your practice. Improving your patient relationships will help you keep customers satisfied and coming back more often.

Be Consistent With Employee Expectations

In today’s economy, performance issues are something that can damage a company in any industry and are particularly dangerous in dentistry. When you have employees who are not respecting the time they need to commit then you are going to be dealing with repeated issues that cost you money.

Outlining the expectations you have for your employees will help everyone move toward a common goal.

Always Bring Patients In

An issue that can hurt both your wallet and your patients is not bringing them in to check on issues. Many practices take the easy route and just use a phone call to understand what problems a patient has. It may save you time, but it is going to cost you potential earnings in the long run.

By having a patient come in and get looked at will help you continue to build upon your relationship with them, but will also help diagnose a problem that could have previously gone unsolved.

Be Investigative With Every Patient

When a patient comes in to see their dental hygienist, there is a certain expectation that they are going to get great treatment. It is the job of the dentists who work with your patients to make sure they are putting on their detective hat and looking for any possible area for improvement.

Suggesting small improvements like fillings or trying braces can help the patient get better teeth and generate a new revenue stream for the practice.

While you should never sell a patient something they don’t need, you could be alerting them of problems they never realized they had.


Utilizing these tips and thinking outside the box is an effective way to try and improve your earning potential as a practice.

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