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7 Essential Resources to Read as a Dentist

Whether you have been practicing for years and need some new insights or are just graduating from dental school, your journey of learning is never really complete. We have found seven of the best reading books and reading materials that are sure to help you grow and improve your dental practice.

1. The Entrepreneur Dentist: How to Exit Your Dental Business Rich By Dr. Jerry Lanier

Building the right dental practice and being a business owner go hand in hand. That is why this book helps an aspiring dental practice owner or current owner think of their future endeavors from a business point of view.

This includes all the information a dental entrepreneur would need to really make an impact in the industry.

2. Practice Management for the Dental Team 8th Edition By Betty Ladley Finkbeiner and Charles Allan Finkbeiner

This workbook gives dental practice owners some exercise that can help them better understand their practice and how to run it.

This may be more work than pleasure reading, but the reflection this book allows for is priceless!

3. Dental Copywriting Hacks: A Complete Blueprint To Marketing And Growing Your Online Dental Practice By Alex Wong

This niche book by Lex Wong offers dentists a look into the digital marketplace so they can see how many opportunities exist. With the ideas and practical advice offered in this book, a dentist can market and grow their online practice almost immediately.

This book is a must for those who don’t have much marketing background knowledge.

4. Turn your Dental Practice into a Successful Business By Gabriel Asulin

As the title suggests, becoming a renowned dentist is much more than how great you can make a set of teeth look.

This book gives dentists the tools and ideas they need to transform their established achievements into marketable content to help and grow their business.

5. The Dentist Who Gets It! The No-BS Blueprint for Success By Dr. Steven Hymovitch

Dr. Hymovitch himself started his own dental business and wants to share his story with others. This book offers engaging information and plenty of knowledge that will help any dental practice learn how to thrive.

6. The Elite Practice Formula By Carlo Biasucci

For the dentist looking to make their practice shine, this book outlines in great detail what it takes to get your practice to the next level.

Furthermore, this book helps you understand what you really want to get out of your practice and dentistry in general.

7. The Bulletproof Practice By Peter Boulden and Craig Spodak

In the modern era, making any business bulletproof is what helps you survive whatever the economy throws at you.

This guide will allow dentists to understand what they can do to make their practice grow right now and what to look for in the future of the field.


Most professionals are eagerly looking for more information in their field, trying to get ahead with the hope of educating others. Resources can be overwhelming and discernment over picking the right content is essential.

We know these books will offer great insights to your career. If you are looking for work as a freelancer, fill out our form or download our app to join the Stynt Network!


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