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5 Reasons to Consider Working a Freelance Job

In today’s climate, the standard job looks different than it ever has before. From corporate travel to virtual career opportunities, it is easier than ever to find a job that balances with your lifestyle. We used to think freelance jobs were only applicable for brands such as Uber. Over the past couple of years, working in the “Gig Economy” has caught the attention of employees and employers across the globe.

In the past, the “Gig Economy” has had a negative reputation of being low-paying and unstable. Over the last few years, gig workers have come in all shapes and sizes. From freelance writers to contracted engineers, from doctors to therapists, servicing a range of clientele has become a way to gain a quality income for many workers. Not only are gig workers receiving a quality income, these workers are proven to have reduced stress levels. Gig jobs allow workers to tailor their workload to the specific season of life of life that they are in.

Although some of the advantages of freelance jobs may be what you would expect, there are many advantages that most people do not consider. From exploration to opportunity, the remainder of the article will outline some of the greatest benefits of obtaining a freelance position.

Advantage 1: Exploration

According to the 2019 Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person switches jobs 12 times within their lifetime. Some people switch in order to obtain a higher paying job while others are simply looking for a change. Being burnt out is one of the definite reasons that people seek a new career. Having a freelance job allows you the ability to try out different careers, move rapidly away from a tyrant boss, and try something that you never have before. As a gig worker, there is a lesser chance of experiencing burnout due to the evolving nature of the freelance job market.

Advantage 2: Lifestyle

Freelance positions allow for individuals to truly design a workflow that works for them. If you want to travel for a month, you could explore the world in-between gigs. If you have children and need to have flexibility throughout the standard workday, the majority of gig roles allow that to be possible. It was long ago that most Americans worked the typical 9-5 workday. For gig workers, your schedule and demand can fit the season of life that you are in. According to Forbes, almost 60% of gig workers consider their positions to be manageable and flexible. Only 27% of regular workers believe experience flexibility in their role.

Advantage 3: Opportunity

In many career fields, individuals are interacting with the same people daily. This monotonous interaction decreases the opportunity to network. Many gig workers develop an extensive network. Since gig workers are constantly contracted by various people across different industries, they have the opportunity to expand their network in a unique way. With industry leaders and market demands constantly shifting, gig workers are more likely to stay relevant and maintain connections made in prior gigs.

Advantage 4: Less Prospecting

If you have looked for a job before, you know the search for the right opportunity can be wearisome. In the beginning of your career as a freelance worker, you may have to search to find employers that are looking to hire someone with your skillset. As you become experienced in your career, customers come to you for assistance. There are so many sites such as Stynt, Upwork, Side Hustle Nation, Fiverr, and more that have a large database of opportunities. When using Stynt, there are many dental opportunities that are available until the perfect person is matched with the role. By showcasing your skills on the Stynt platform, you will have employers reaching out to use for your dental expertise! When businesses seek you out for assistance, you spend less time job searching and more time increasing your revenue.

Advantage 5: Larger Paychecks

For many regular workers, the paycheck is salaried and the commission is capped. As a gig worker, you have the ability to work as much as you want and get paid accordingly. Instead of sitting bored in an office or working long hours with no overtime check, gig-based work allows the opportunity for individuals to get paid exactly what they have earned. Not only does gig work have a high hourly value, there is sometimes capacity to hold multiple jobs at one time. According to Moneycrashers, many gig workers offer their services at over $50/hr.


Having a freelance career is not for the faint of heart. Gig workers are required to provide excellent work, prompt responses, and creative services. Becoming successful in the “Gig Economy” requires hard work and determination. Although the initial effort is intense, gig work can become a truly stable and reliable form of income. Not only does this career give you the opportunity to try new things, it gives you the chance to have a lifestyle that works for you.


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