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5 Realizations Every Dentist Will Make

Graduating from school and looking for your first job as a dentist or dental assistant is both exciting and scary at the same time. As you work your way around your first job and learn what makes a dental practice tick, you will quickly make some shocking and surprising realizations about dentistry as a whole. To prepare you, we have found 5 of the most common realizations that any new dentist will make at some point.

Culture is Fundamental to Success

As is the case with any new job, the culture of the workplace is a foundation for the work that is produced within. The culture of a practice determines how everyone feels about each other and the work that is done within. You will have to pick up on the spoken and unspoken rules of every practice until you really embrace the culture that has been created.

Money Will Not Always Motivate

While money can talk for some, it has little to no effect on some people. In fact, some people may even get offended when money is offered as a reward for good work. New dental workers will realize that while some people are in it for the paycheck, many people work in dentistry because they really love it and their work. As you enter your first weeks, it will be easy enough to tell what is motivating everyone at your practice.

You Must Keep The Standards High

After your first week or often even a day, you will immediately begin to understand the level of work that is expected from everyone at your practice. In most cases, the expectations for everyone are set very high and should not be taken for granted. If you don’t set high standards for yourself and those who work around you, the quality of work and care at the practice will drop and people will need to be held accountable.

Hiring the Right People Determines Future Outcomes

The modern hiring process for dental practices can look very different from location to location. As new services like Stynt begin to become more widely used for freelancers in today’s gig economy, we are seeing dentistry practice have a much easier time hiring the right people to work for them. As a new dentist, this means you will likely have an easier time finding a job and work culture that fits your needs.

Respect is Earned, Not Given

The last thing you need to realize when you work in an industry like dentistry is that respect is something that must be earned. While titles are important, the work you put in and how you carry yourself often holds a much heavier weight. Do the best work you can do and it will be seen by everyone in no time.


When you embrace and accept these realities before working in the dental field, you will already be ready to embrace your new job. Fill out our form or download our app to join Stynt!


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