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4 Products Every Patient Should Have Access To At Your Dentistry

At your dental practice, your patients should have easy access to things that they may not get on a regular basis. Even the most basic products for oral care should be accessible to your patients. We’ll be taking a look at four products that your dental office should stock up on so your patients can easily access it upon request.

Whether they are unable to afford them or if they are getting low-quality products, your dental practice should be able to have plenty of supplies in stock to give to your patients. Whether it’s by request or as some kind of complementary inclusion to their regularly scheduled appointment, it’s important to provide your patients with high-quality dental products that will improve their smile.

If you’re a freelance dentist who is at a practice for a lengthy period of time, here are some ideas that you can share with your fellow dental professionals as far as providing supplies goes:

1. Toothbrush

Yes, a toothbrush should always be easily accessible to a patient. Whether they are young children or adults, giving them a new toothbrush should be a good idea. After all, patients should change their toothbrushes at least every three months.

And since everyone should visit their dentist for a routine check-up every six months, it seems like perfect timing to switch toothbrushes. In with the old, out with the new.

2. Toothpaste

Of course, without effective toothpaste, patients won’t have a smile that’s clean and free of any cavities or other issues. There are plenty of options out there in terms of what toothpaste to give out to your patients. One thing dentists recommend you do is to stock up on toothpaste that contains stannous fluoride.

Stannous fluoride is proven to fight plaque, cavities, and provide you with fresh breath with every brushing session. There are various brands to choose from so pick one and run with it. If your patients like it, keep it (if not, change it up).

Also, if your practice consists of both adults and children, make sure there is a dedicated toothpaste for the latter.

3. Floss

Flossing goes hand in hand with brushing. It is highly recommended that you floss twice every day (morning and evening). It comes in different flavors, but regular floss that doesn’t have a flavor still is one of the odds on favorites for most patients.

4. Chewing gum

Chewing gum is perfect for keeping teeth clean when you can’t brush. But it should not be a substitute for brushing itself. One thing to note: the chewing gum should be sugar-free (obvious reasons).

Final Thoughts

If your dental practice has a habit of taking the best care of your patients, these four items listed above should never be in short supply. Especially if you are giving it out to patients during their regular dental appointments.

If you are a dental professional ready to go the extra mile for your patients, check out Stynt by filling out this form or downloading the mobile app.


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