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4 Places a Dentist Should Work Post COVID-19

COVID-19 has really altered our daily lives. Due to this, many businesses have been severely impacted, with some even closing, leaving millions out of work in the US alone. This, unfortunately, includes the dental health industry. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to look for work as a dental hygienist or dental assistant once the COVID-19 pandemic has come to an end.

1. Houston, Texas

As one of the lowest costs of living big cities in the US, Houston, Texas is a booming epicenter for a lot of businesses. This means that you can stretch a typical paycheck further there, making ends meet much more easily than some other higher-cost places. Dental hygienists and dental assistants both make incomes on the higher end of the pay spectrum within Houston and have excellent job prospects and security due to the area constantly adding new practices and locations for dental chains.

2. Denver, Colorado

Denver has seen a massive population boom in recent years and with population increases, there will be an increased need for medical care. This includes dental professionals, as more people need cleanings and other care facets, allowing more spots for dental professionals to be hired. Though the cost of living is higher, with the salary available to dentists in the area, the rates are doable, offering the ability to thrive in a town that is referred to now as a “millennial magnet” thanks to its draw for younger people.

3. New York City, New York

With a massive population and constantly hustling and bustling lifestyle, getting a job as a dentist in New York City can be a very easy task. That being said, in order to thrive in a place with such a high-end cost of living, you do have to budget efficiently. If you are able to balance your income with your living situation, you definitely have a chance of thriving in a location like NYC.

4. Orlando, Florida

Orlando, home to Mickey Mouse’s magical wonderland of Disney World and a host of other attractions, has a high population density and a lot of professional firms that are constantly looking for new dentists and dental assistants to welcome onto the staff. Depending on where you live, finding affordable housing in the city can be doable and greatly reduce your personal cost of living, making this a very easy place to form your dental industry career.

The Freelance Appeal

Freelancing within the gig economy is a great way to maintain freedom of movement and location while working within the dental industry. Freelancers are thriving despite the pandemic due to their ability to easily move between practices and consistently schedule work even if their usual place of employment is closed.

Stynt is designed to help freelancers locate jobs to fill their schedules, allowing them to remain employed despite the changing world around us. If you are interested in trying freelancing, fill out the form on the Stynt site, or sign up through the app for more information and access to freelance dentistry jobs.


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